"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Worshipper Turns Satanist! Keep Your FAITH!

Have you seen the video of a 10-year-old Brazilian boy singing one of the most anointed worship songs, Worthy is the Lamb? I remember myself watching this years ago and there are many times when I’m watching it, I’ve been worshiping God, “Worthy is the Lamb.” Such a great song!

We are going to look at how this 10-year-old boy has turned out. Do you know what the sad part is? Today, the boy that sang the song years ago is no longer a boy and has grown up into a man, and no longer identifies himself to be as such.

You can see his pictures on Instagram. His logo’s symbol is a pentagram. From the looks of it, he now no longer worship God. He worships Satan. Look at his nails and his demeanor.

Let’s pray for this young man, Jotta A. I don’t really know who he is, but God, he used to serve You. May Your heart go up to him, he comes to know the knowledge. Not only just the knowledge, may the Holy Spirit convict him of his sins, so You can draw him back to You. May it be our prayer not just for this person, this young man.

The Devil is Going After this Generation

Did you know that the devil is going after this generation and it’s going after you and me? Because the devil is like a roaring lion, roaming around seeking whom he can devour. And as of right now, that man seems to have been devoured but by the grace of God, he can come back!

This is what we need to do for our generation, our family, our friends, our neighbors, and those who we know. Because what if it is you? That when you were at your time backslidden and you died outside of the Grace of God, what would that be like?

Can you imagine spending eternity separate from God? An absolute torment that God doesn’t want anyone to go and yet countless millions are going there.

The devil wants you, me, and your children to go on that path, and I say no in Jesus name! We will stand up for righteousness. We declare that we will live in the grace of God, in the land of the living. We will see the goodness of God in the land of the living. That is what I prophesied for my family and for you!

Seeing something like this gives us a warning. That’s why Jesus says:

“He who endures to the end shall be saved.”

Over and over again the bible says, if you keep your confidence steadfast until the end, then you will be saved. Even the Apostle Paul says that:

“I discipline my flesh lest after I preach to others, I myself may be disqualified.”

Come Back to God Today!

I encourage you today. If you felt that you have left your first love. If you’re living a faith that’s lukewarm. Today is the day to come back to God because God has grace for you.

If you will not be that leader in your family. If you will not be that role model for your children and for those who know you, then who is going to be that role model for those people? Because those people may not know Jesus. Your children may not know the faith that God wants them to know.

They want to see it through you!

If you will not deny yourself, pick up your cross, pray, fast, read the Word, help those who are in need and do what the bible tells us to do, the word of God!

If you will not do that, then how will our children learn? How will they come to know of the power and the fire of the Holy Spirit? Just by talk? They won’t listen to that unless it is backed up by our lives. That it is not fake. That they can see the genuine heart that we have towards God.

The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is at hand and may we prepare our hearts ready and pray for those who walked away like this boy, Jotta A, and this man.

I pray in Jesus’ name. I break the power of homosexuality over his life. And for you, I pray in Jesus’ name that you’ll be set free! If you have wayward children, let them come back to the Lord in Jesus’ name! Let every attack of the evil one be broken in Jesus’ name! And you come back to the living God in Jesus’ name by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Be blessed in Jesus’ name!

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