"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Why You Need to Read Revelation

What happens on the day when you see Jesus and you’re trying to enter heaven and He says, “Stop! I never knew you, depart from Me.” You may think, how is that possible? I’m a Christian, I went to church and I pay my tithes. I did all the things that a Christian should do.

And let me give you an example to understand this, and the reason why you need to read the Book of Revelation.

The Insurance Analogy

Perhaps you’ve heard of a friend or relative who had purchased insurance, whether it’s life insurance for the family or insurance for their home. And something tragic happens. And when they went to go and claim for that insurance policy, they realized that it was not covered under the policy and they have to go and pay, out of their own pocket the expenses and the things that they thought they’re covered for.

How could that be possible you say? Well, because in the insurance policy they have fine prints. You can’t just listen to the person who’s telling you what your insurance policy has. Sometimes there are deceptive insurance agents who just tried to sell you the policy so they can get a commission. Other times, there are good-meaning insurance agents who don’t even know what the policy says and tell you certain things that make you think you have when in fact, the policy doesn’t cover it.

The same thing is true today as Christians. And sometimes they’re good-meaning pastors who don’t even understand to tell you the wrong gospel and you believe it. On the day when you see Jesus and you find yourself in a predicament.

15 Percent

And if you think that is absolutely not possible, then you need to read the Book of Revelation. Because I can tell you from personal experience, the Jesus that I hear in the churches today and in the churches that I have grown up with, it is only about 15% of who Jesus really is presented in the bible.

In the churches today, you’ll hear that Jesus died on the cross for you. He rose on the third day. He is love. He is full of grace. And those are true, but that is only about 15% of what we see who Jesus is in the bible.

Now, I’m not downplaying the cross as his 15 percent. Don’t misunderstand me. Jesus dying on the cross, resurrecting on the third day, and giving us salvation through faith in Him in repentance. That is the crux of Christianity. It is one of the most important things that we have in the Christian faith.

However, that is not all of what Jesus did and not all of His teachings. What about the other 85% of what the Bible tells us about who Jesus is. Could it be that you actually don’t know who Jesus is because all you’ve heard all your life is the 15% of the teaching of the church? And of that 15% that they teach, how much percentage do you actually retain in memory? Isn’t that the danger?

How Can We Know Who Jesus Really Is?

If you want to know who Jesus is. A good start will be the gospels — Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. But not only that. Do you know at the end of the Bible, there’s a book called the Book of Revelation? But many people shy away. Many Christians say” I don’t understand it. There are so many symbols and allegories that I don’t understand.” But that is a lie from the pit of hell. Why? Because you read the first line in the Book of Revelation 1:1 it says, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ…”

The Book of Revelations reveals to us who Jesus Christ is after He is resurrected in heaven. And what a tragedy it is that today, so many people don’t read the Book of Revelation because they think it’s all these kinds of symbolism. I assure you if you read the Book of Revelation, page to page, cover to cover, you’ll be able to understand at least conservatively speaking, 60 to 70% just by reading it literally and having understanding in your mind.

In Revelation 1:3, it says

“Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy.”

What prophecy? The Book of Revelation. That’s what John is saying. “Blessed is he who reads it and hears it.” And what? “And keeps those things which are written in it; for the time is near.”

Today, we talk about the blessed life, how we can be blessed by God. Well, do this! Blessed is he who reads, hears, and keeps the words of this prophecy.

When was the last time you read the Book of Revelation? It reveals to you who Jesus Christ really is, the Son of living God. I guarantee you if you will read the Book of Revelation and you don’t even have to go far. If you just read the first three chapters, which include mainly the seven letters to the seven churches, you will find that there’s something wrong of the Jesus that we talked about in the church today.

You’ll find that the Jesus that we present in the church today is twisted and it’s distorted. It’s not the entirety of who He really is, just like that insurance policy that you thought you were covered in.

The Bible is Our Preacher

Perhaps you didn’t know that there are certain things that you’re not covered in. Perhaps you have a view of Jesus that He will always be okay with you staying with your lukewarmness because He has grace for you. But in fact, He says no. Unless you repent, you will also perish with the rest of the unbelievers In Romans 10:14-15, it says

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?”

Guess what your preacher today is? The bible. If you don’t read the Book of Revelation, and I’m not just talking about the Book of Revelation okay, we should read the entirety of the counsel of God. We need to read the entire bible. What I’m trying to say is a lot of people, a lot of Christians shy away from the Book of Revelation because they think of symbolism when actually yeah, there are some symbolisms but it is written in a way that you can understand it.

If you need commentaries, you can go online and search later. But you need to understand the revelation of Jesus Christ who He really is.

“How can they hear? How can you believe without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14-15)

If you don’t read it, you don’t understand it. How can you understand it? That’s why it says, “Blessed is he who reads it.” And not only should you read it, but it also says you need to hear it. You need to have understanding, you need to have conviction in your heart.

Keep God’s Commandments

When was the last time you got convicted in your heart about your sin? About your lifestyle? About the way you live? Remember, Jesus says in the Parable of the Sower, that there are four soils and only one soil is going to bear fruit 30, 60, and 100 times fold. Because there are certain soils, you hear it, and immediately they had joy, but later on, the devil took away those seeds and they are not fruitful.

That’s why John says it’s not enough to only read it, hear it, but to keep it. To keep the commandments of God, whatever is written in this book. Many people don’t understand that salvation is not automatic. And if you have truly repented, you’ll get baptized for the remission of sins, then you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

That’s what Peter says in the Book of Acts. But many people stop there.

Oh, I was baptized. I went to a church service and I “gave my life to Jesus.” And for the rest of their lives, all they do is they go to church maybe an hour or two on Sunday and Wednesday to go to a prayer meeting or something and then they pray before a meal and that’s the entirety of their Christian life.

And if this is what you’re doing, I want to caution you. You need to read the Book of Revelation. You need to hear the seven letters that Jesus wrote to the seven churches. Why? Because Jesus is the one who is going to judge your life, is going to judge my life on the day of judgment when we see Him. Not your pastor, not those who claim to have faith, the men in seminary, and not those who claim to have faith in the church, but Jesus Christ.

Endure Until the End

Now, if you go to a good church, people love God. When you go to church, you’re talking about the things of God, not about all this nonsense about the world. Then you’re in a good group of people. But if you find yourself right now in the church that people don’t really talk about the things of God. Afterward, you talk about all these other stuff that doesn’t even matter about the kingdom of God.

Then either number one, you have to go and find another church that loves God and loves Jesus and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Or number two, you personally have to get revived so that you don’t get dragged down by this and you become the fire to change the world and to change the people around you. Because sometimes, God will call you into this assignment, even though you don’t feel exactly the same as the church is in right now.

God will use you to touch people around you if you carry this revival fire. You need to remember our faith is to be kept at the very end, in order to be saved.

“He who endures till the end shall be saved.” (Matthew 24:13)

That’s what Jesus says.

And in the Book of Revelation, it says,

“He who overcomes and keeps my works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations.” Revelation 2:26

And in Revelation 3:5-6, it says

“He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before my Father and before His angels.”

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

What does it mean to be an overcomer? An overcomer is a person who truly has genuine faith in Jesus Christ who lived a life, a lifestyle that obeys the commandments of Jesus.

Christian Way of Life

If you read the writings of the early church, early Christians, you will find that their lives are drastically, drastically different than the world. You don’t need to tell people that you’re a Christian. People will know that they are Christians by the way they live. They are totally consecrated to the living God.

And people are upset at them and saying,

“Why do you live such a way?”

“You’re not like that. You’re trying to be better than us?”

And of course, their life will show them.

“No, because our lives have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, by the name of Jesus. That’s why we’re living a new life.”

And the question you and I have to ask ourselves today is, are we living a new life other than going to church on Sunday mornings and other than giving some money to the church? Can your neighbor, can your friends, can your co-workers actually tell that you’re a Christian outside of church?

The second question is, what dominates your mind throughout the entire day? I understand people need to work, they need to do their duties. But what is in the back of your mind? Is it about making more money? Is it about climbing the corporate ladder? Is it about how to take the next vacation? Is it about doing things in this life? How to make your life more comfortable here, or how to save up for your retirement.

And those things necessarily, honestly may not be wrong. You do need money to sustain yourself. But the question is where is our heart? And Jesus says He will know what is in our hearts by looking into our actions. Because our actions, our deeds, reveal our faith.

Final Words

And so my encouragement to you and I is this: We need to read the bible, the entirety of the bible. And if you want to know more about who Jesus Christ is, you need to read the Book of Revelation because we cannot afford to have a wrong understanding of who Jesus is.

Because on that day when we see Him, we don’t want Him to say to us

“Depart from me, you workers of iniquity!” (Matthew 7:23)

rather we want Him to say “Well done, good and faithful servant. My child, come in and inherit the Eternal Kingdom that was prepared for you.”

If you find this blog post to be shocking, but you feel a tug in your heart that this is true. That is the Holy Spirit speaking to you, showing you the way of salvation. Do not ignore it.

Share this with friends who need to hear, especially those who are in your church, if you feel they’re in the same situation as you.

May you continue to follow Jesus until He comes back.

God bless you!

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