"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Why Squid Game is a Spiritual Poison

How will the show Squid Game on Netflix affect you as a Christian?

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As I thought about this, I don’t even think it’s necessary for me to say, “Should Christians watch it?” Because people are going to watch it anyway. So let’s talk about the effects of watching Squid Game on Netflix.

Now, I personally have not watched it but then when people start talking about it, how popular it is, how great it is, and even kids lining up outside the shops and actually fighting to get certain products and merchandise, I started to look into this.

So right now, I’m going to play about 50 seconds of the official Netflix trailer of the show, and let’s see what we can learn just from the trailer alone without even watching the entire series.

That clip I just played there is only about 50 seconds and I want to ask you what goes through your mind while watching and after watching this clip. The music, the clips, the suspense, the violence that is showing in this clip, does it encourage you and your faith?

What is Squid Game About?

File:Promotional event for イカゲーム (Squid Game) in Shibuya.jpg - Wikimedia  Commons

This game is about 456 players who had debts that they can’t pay off. So they have to play these kinds of children’s games in order to win $45.6 billion. And in order to win, they have to do all these violent acts. All the gore and the violence that you see, I’m sure beyond the trailer, in the actual series is going to be much worse.

Today, you hear so many kids, teenagers, and even adults, they’re saying, “Oh they have depression, they have anxiety, they are stressed.” and you wonder how all these people get all the stress and anxiety from?

We Should Guard Our Hearts

Well, do you know that the bible talks about that our eyes it’s like the window to the soul and that’s why the bible tells us,

“Guard your heart because out of it flows the issues of life. ” (Proverbs 4:23)

If you let love, peace, and the word of God dwell in your heart, come through your eyes, come through your ears, then outflows from your heart are going to be those things: peace, joy, and love.

“For the kingdom of Heaven is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17)

And so today if you’re a Christian and if you like watching gory, violent, vampires, those kinds of movies, let me tell you something. Those horror movies are not going to help you in your walk with Jesus Christ. What they will do is help you open doors to the demonic and you’re wondering why you’re sitting up at 3 AM and you can’t sleep and you’re having all these thoughts that you don’t want to have. Whether it’s suicidal thoughts, whether it’s depression, anxiety, stress, and panic attacks.

You have to guard your heart, Christians. Whether it’s a good game, whether it’s horror movies whether it’s Pokemon, anything that does not glorify Jesus. Should we be even doing them? So many times for the sake of entertainment, we just forget about our faith and we sacrifice the teachings and the principles of the bible.

How tragic is that?

Spend More Time Seeking God

How would your lives change if we rather take those times of entertainment and we turn them into times of prayer, seeking God, reading the bible, and talking to other people, encouraging other people in the faith? Those things will have eternal value.

Watching Squid Game, watching entertainment like this, that does not encourage your soul and has no eternal value. And not only that, here in this life, you’ll be troubled by them.

And so I declare and pray for you today. If you have been having these thoughts, if you don’t even know why you have anxiety, you have stress, you have suicidal thoughts, you’re depressed, let me pray over you right now in Jesus’ name.

Let you be free from the attack of the evil one in Jesus’ name!

Devil, let them go now in Jesus’ name!

Let your mind be sanctified and cleansed by the blood of Jesus. And as I pray for you, don’t only stop there. I pray that you put discipline in your life, and set priorities in your life that you will seek God, that you’ll be in a secret place seeking after God. It will be very difficult for you to continue watching things like the Squid Game or the entertainment of the world.

I can remember the times when I have no problem watching the movies and things of this world and it’s because I don’t consistently pray and don’t consistently seek the things of God, even though I was going to church and doing things of God.

This is the danger of Christianity today. That we wonder why kids and different people are running away from God, losing their faith. And all the while we’re Christians saying, “Oh, of course, it’s okay to watch entertainment like this because there’s no problem.”

Let’s Rise Up!

May we rise up and wise up! (W. I. S. E.)

To choose the things that are Godly. Things to think that are praiseworthy. Think the things that are pure, that’s what the bible says. Whatever is true, whatever is pure, whatever is right and praiseworthy. Think about those things.

Share this with your friends, so that we can get the word out and tell people about the grace of God because Jesus is coming soon!

God bless you!

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