"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
The Danger of Secular Music

Do you listen to secular music? If you do, I want to share with you this Facebook post by Dereck Johnson that I recently found.

The Facebook Post

“I remember when I was still in the world. Listening to rappers like DMX, Tupac, 50 Cent etc. It used to make me want to hurt people. The influence of music is powerful.

I mean just putting on a song like “Whole Crew” by DMX or “Don’t Push Me” by 50 Cent made me want to crack some heads open that I didn’t like.

Those songs at times will instantly change my entire mood. That’s one reason how I know these are demonic spirits behind the secular music a lot of people listen to.

I would listen to RNB and slow jams, and they would have me idolizing a relationship with a woman more than God.

Artists like R Kelly, Trey Songz, Neyo, Alicia Keys, Ciara (list is too long) would make me want to sleep with women before marriage.

Until one day I lost my virginity while listening to some of those artists.

Avoid worldly music. Be careful what you listen to. The famous artists many look up to are initiated witches anyway.

They all perform some sort of witchcraft and spells on their singles and albums o make them sell more.

The spells they cast on songs definitely work at times. Secular music will have you rebel against God’s and give you a seared conscience without you even realizing it sometimes.”

Now I must say most of the people that he mentioned there, I don’t really know who he’s talking about. But I do know many secular artists and singers who are in my culture that I grew up with.

Protect the Hearts of Those Who Don’t Understand

Most of what Derek says here, I don’t doubt it because I can see that in the bible. Over and over again, Jesus says to His disciples, “Take heed what you hear, blessed are you when you hear.”

Because there are people who want to hear, who want to get into the kingdom of heaven, but they cannot. That they don’t have an understanding because they hear but they don’t really hear. They don’t understand.

That’s why it’s so important today to protect their hearts. So our hearts and our conscience are not seared with a hot iron that the Holy Spirit says is going to happen in the last days.

The Columbine High School Shooting

The very tragic Columbine shooting years ago can attest to this. The young guy who went into the high school and started shooting at people, before he went in he was listening to this heavy metal rock music full of hate, full of anger, full of violence.

And so he goes to the school and shoots people, and he says, “Are you a Christian?” He says to that girl and praise God, that girl stood up for Jesus Christ. She says, “Yes I’m a Christian.” So this guy goes, “Go and be with Him.” then poof and he shot her!

This is news that has shaken the world and shook communities for many years ago. But perhaps today people forgot about it.

The Power of Music

Did you know that music has the power to sway your heart? This is why many times when you worship when you’re entering into the presence of God. It is through music!

Many times when I sing songs about the holiness of God, how worthy is God, worthy is the Lamb. We praise you God for You are Holy. Whenever you start singing songs like these, not just songs about how “God You’re good to me” and “How You bless me”, not self-focused. But we start singing songs about God-focused.

God, I uplift Your name because You are Holy, because You’re faithful, because You’re merciful, because You’re good.

When you do that, you enter into the presence of God and the angels around you joining with you in singing and praising the Heavenly Father and praising the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world that is Jesus Christ.

The same effect that we have in getting to the presence of God. It is the same effect that you can have when you get into the presence of the devil. When you get into the music of this world.

And I’m not saying that every single song in the “secular music” is bad. But I dare to say that most of the secular songs today are bad.

In my culture growing up, when I was a teenager, I listened to a lot of songs about someone who’s so depressed because he lost a girlfriend, she lost a boyfriend and how bad is their life.

Never Confess the Negative Things of This World

One of these bands growing up, it’s called Simple Plan, Oh, welcome to my life, how bad it is, how horrible it is. And they’re speaking all these negative things over their own lives and you didn’t even know it.

At that time, I was in a rock band. Sometimes I even play the song with people. “Welcome to my life”

What were you doing, Emmanuel?

“Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Who loves it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21)

That is a very powerful scripture. The devil knows it. And that is why today he uses secular music and horror movies and the entertainment of this world, to make you try to confess the negative things that are contrary to the word of God.

And as children of God today we need to rise up and say NO! We will not confess the things of the world. We will not confess negativity. We will not confess immorality.

We will confess righteousness.

We will confess faith.

We will confess the goodness of God.

Which side are you going to be on? I encourage you to be on God’s side and listen to Godly music. Listen to worship music. Encourage your soul and get into the presence of God.

And this I can tell you. When you do that, when you enter into the presence of God, it’s almost 100% impossible to listen to secular music. You don’t want to do it when you’re in the presence of God.

And if that is the case that you don’t want to listen to the filth of this world while you’re in the presence of God, why would you think that in your daily life and you’re not really praising God, that it’s okay to just listen to the filth of the world?

Perhaps you’ll find a song or two, a band or two that is okay. And each question we’ll have to exercise our own conscience and not make this legalistic.

But if I have a choice, I would rather renew my mind with the word of God. Encourage my soul with the things of God by praising God and entering into His presence with worship and praise music so that I can abide in Him.

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God bless you!

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