"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
PRE or POST Tribulation Rapture: 3 MUST KNOWS

Pre-tribulation rapture or post-tribulation rapture?

But you know what’s a better question to ask. Are you ready if it is the opposite of what you think is going to be?

Now I know a lot of people are very committed to their end-times view on certain things like the rapture is a pre-tribulation rapture. Post trib people are very, very opinionated about that.

But in this blog post, I want to share with you three things that are more important I think than the actual timing of when the rapture will be. And I want you to remember the overarching theme of these three things is if the rapture happens the opposite of the timing that you’re expecting, are you going to be ready when you see Jesus?

#1: Will you make it when Jesus returns?

Can your faith endure if it is post-tribulation when you thought actually it’s pre-tribulation? And I want to remind you in this blog post, I’m not arguing for or against certain pre opposed regulations. If you want to hear debates about that, there are numerous, numerous videos on YouTube you can find.

But what I want to talk about is when we actually see Jesus, will we be ready? Because if you believe in the pre-trib rapture, and let’s say it’s actually post-tribulation, whether it’s going to be persecution, beheading, betrayal of the families with the mark of the beast, you have to not take it and you’ll die. You cannot buy or you can’t sell. Then are you going to be able to do it?

Most of you are going to say,

“Oh no, I can do it.”

“Oh, I’ll stand for Jesus Christ.”

Let me tell you something. All of us need to read a book like written by Richard Wurmbrand. Because of him, today there’s a ministry called Voice of the Martyrs. And in that book, he talked about when he was back in the 1940s and 50s in the communist regime. It’s such horror the way that they persecuted Christians. They stored them for days and even weeks on and gave them no food, stripped them naked.

They would then go and release all these hungry big rats into the cells. So they can’t sleep, because the moment they start sleeping these hungry rats would eat on their flesh! They will beat them in ways that are very unimaginable. And even tie these Christians on the cross, and then all these people start defecating on them with excrements all over them. And with that humiliation and that torture, they’ll bring that cross back up and say “Oh, look how Glorious! Oh, this Christ.” and mocked Jesus in such a way.

When I read accounts of how the early Christians have died, how they suffered their faith, how they’re martyred. I’m asking myself, “God, please help me. If I ever come to the stage that I have to die for my faith, I pray that you help me to be able to endure.”

The question you and I have to ask ourselves is are we able to endure it If we have to go through it? Now, with that said, if you believe in the post-tribulation rapture, whatever happens, pre-tribulation rapture, some people will say, “You know what? When I see the onset of the first three years of the tribulation, then I’ll start repenting, then I’ll start living my life right? Because I see all the signs of the times, I see the mark of the beast, then I’ll go tell people about Jesus every day because I know it started.”

Well, let me tell you something. What if you don’t have that chance? What if it’s pre-tribulation rapture. What if it’s the opposite of what you thought?

Jesus says this in Matthew 24:46, He says,

“Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his master made ruler over his household, to give them food in due season? Blessed is that servant who his master, when he comes, will find so doing.”

Jesus does not say, blessed is that person who when he comes, he has the right end-times perspective when He’s going to come. He didn’t say that. He says the person who was busy about the Father’s business, who’s loving people, preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, providing for the poor, visiting those who are in need. These sort of people who lived on a genuine faith, these people, they’ll be ready at the coming of Jesus, no matter what the timeline is.

Today, you and I have to ask ourselves these questions because Jesus, before He went on the cross, he prayed. In the gospel of John 17:4, He says, Father, I have finished the work that you’ve given me and now I’m going to go and do well and come back to You, as He died on the cross, and go back to heaven.

So today, you and I have to ask ourselves this question, what has God given in our lives to fulfill? Have we completed this assignment that God has given us? Have we finished the work, just like Jesus said He has done in His life?

If we feel that we haven’t, that maybe it’s time to say, “You know what, God? Change his life of mine. Help me put my focus back on You. Not an endless debate about timing and things and Christians and certain doctrines that don’t really matter. But help me focus on You. Help me do the work that You want me to do. Because there’s a world that’s perishing and I want to be ready at Your coming.”

And that leads us to number two.

#2: Will you regret not serving Jesus more and will Jesus find you faithful?

Because in a very famous parable that Jesus has given, He says He’s given a person one talent, He’s given person two talents, He’s given a person five talents. He’s looking at how they multiply the talent when He comes back. (Matthew 25:15)

The person who had one talent, they’re like, you know what, I’m fearful of this master. I don’t know what He’s going to do when he’s going to come back. I’m just going to dig it and hide it in there. I’m not going to do anything just so that I can give that thing back to Him. (Matthew 25:18)

And Jesus says, because of this mentality, because he just wants to sit there and wait and squat when He comes back, this guy is going to have a rude awakening

He says, You wicked servant, you know that want to reap where I did not sow. (Matthew 25:26)

You should have at least put that money in the bank so I can have an interest. (Matthew 25:27)

But because you didn’t do that, because you sat on what you had and you weren’t faithful, now you’re going to be removed from me. There should be weeping and gnashing of teeth and that person was not safe. (Matthew 25:30)

You have to understand Jesus was talking to believers. These servants had a relationship with God.

Is that you and I today? Do we have certain talents were squatting on it because we have certain end-time ideas thinking that God is going to come back anytime and I can’t help anybody, it’s just me and my family, as long as my needs are met, as long as I go on the ratchet? But it doesn’t matter where people are at, if that is our attitude, maybe not verbally, but in the back of our minds, maybe it’s time to repent and say, “God, today, help me live a life that is pleasing to you. Help me be busy with your business because I want to be found faithful, like the person who had two talents, like the person who had five talents. So that it can multiply and give glory to your name.”

#3: Does our current belief about the end times help us to obey Jesus more or to actually disobey Him?

Because we can’t do anything else because of our end-times beliefs. Are you speaking life to your children? Are you helping the next generation and say, You know what, if Jesus doesn’t come back in 20, 30, 50,100 years, when I am gone, when I leave this earth, when I see Jesus, I want you to take that baton of faith and give it to the next generation who can go into the Kingdom of Heaven. Because this world, there is a devil that has to be beaten because he has already been defeated by the cross. But now he’s roaming around seeking whom he can devour because Jesus hasn’t come back yet. So now I’m going to teach you. This is how you cast out demons. This is how you heal the sick. This is how you make money. This is how you store for yourselves not here on earth and give that money to the kingdom of God and for His glory, help people who are in need, help the orphans and the widows. This is how we live our lives, not just my words. So when we look at you, when you go down to the basement or your secret place, they see you on your face, on your ground saying, “Wow, if Dada/Mama can go and seek God like this, if he’s praying in tongues, if he’s facedown seeking God, if he’s worshiping God like this, then maybe I got to do this. Maybe I’m going to read my bible, not just because he says we should do it, but because I see in his life that he’s fasting, that he’s loving God, he’s praying, he’s sharing the gospel, he is helping people and doing all these things.”

And so now I’m not just looking at these YouTube videos, I’m not just seeing how people are doing it. Not these great ministers online. That’s great! We see them. But now we’re going to do them too because we are the generation that will take the baton and pass it to the next generation.

Is that you and me? Is that our prayer? Is that our lifestyle?

It is true that at various times we have failed. But thank God for His grace that we can come back and say, “God, we repent. Help me put the focus back on You, God. We want to not only live for ourselves. We don’t want to make a name for ourselves. We want to make a name for You and also the people that have given us influence with our children, those in the workplace, to people we know, and the church. Whatever capacity God has given us. May we use that influence to obey Jesus and to do His will. Because we know that He’s coming soon.”

If we have that attitude, I can guarantee you, it doesn’t matter if you’re pre or post-tribulation, mid-tribulation, whatever it is. We will be ready. It’s not all about Eschatology and end times, it’s about our OBEDIENCE to the word of God, obedience to what Jesus said. That is all that matters.

You need to understand that the devil does not want us or the next generation to serve God. He wants to sift away as many people as he can because he knows his time is short.

Go ahead and share this with other people who need to hear it.

Until next time.

Keep following Jesus and God bless you!

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