"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
MISS USA Cheslie Kryst Commits Suicide At Age 30

Cheslie Kryst, the former Miss North Carolina, and Miss USA, dead at 30.

We’re going to read parts of this article and then talk about three spiritual facts that you and I cannot ignore.

Cheslie Kryst, the 2019 Miss North Carolina who went on to be Miss USA 2019 and a correspondent for the entertainment news program, Extra, has died at the age of 30.

Police said that Kryst jumped from a Manhattan apartment building and was pronounced dead at the scene Sunday morning. Her family confirmed her death in a statement.

And as we’re reading and considering this matter, let us pray for the family that they will not turn against God. That they will find peace and comfort during this time so they can know that there is hope in Jesus Christ.

The family issued a statement in devastation and great sorrow. They shared the passing of their great daughter, Cheslie.

Her great life was one that inspired others around the world with her beauty and strength. She cared, she loved, she laughed and she shined. Cheslie embodied love and served others whether through her work as an attorney fighting for social justice, as Miss USA, and as a host of Extra. But most importantly, as a daughter, sister, friend, mentor and colleague. We know her impact will live on.

As we keep on reading this looking at her life, we can see that she has accomplished so much things and she has impact in so many people and yet the tragedy still happened.

Why was that? Kryst, a former college athlete and a North Carolina lawyer who was from Charlotte won the Miss USA pageant in May 2019 and competed in the Miss Universe pageant that year. When Kryst was crowned, it marked more than a personal triumph. Why? Because it meant that for the first time, three black women were the reigning Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss America. Kryst appeared on GMA to highlight the achievement.

The University of South Carolina mourned the former track-and-field student-athlete calling her a woman of many talents. Kryst also held an MBA from Wake Forest University.

Over and over again we can see in her life, she has achievements. She has MBA, she’s a lawyer, she won the pageant, she has the look, she has the things that people say “That is what you mean by being famous here on earth.” and yet the question remains, why did she take her own life?

Do Not Just Look At The Surface Of Things

And that brings us the spiritual fact number one, do not ever just look at the surface of things. Because we get to understand that more people are hurting today than you and I actually know.

On the surface, people may look like they have it all together, they got the degrees, they got the fame, they got the career, they got the looks, they got money, they got everything. And yet deep down how many of you know that they’re actually not satisfied?

A few years ago, when I was selling a lot of things in eCommerce, there was a young 20 year old person. He calls himself the King Comm. And on YouTube he is teaching people how to sell things on Shopify. And he looks happy on the camera, looks like he’s living the dream.

But did you know that just a few years in, he committed suicide in his early twenties? Hundreds and thousands in sales, and people are looking unto him as the mentor. He’s selling courses, doing things, looking like he’s living the dream, and yet he killed himself. And one of his close friends later post on social media that he was dealing with depression.

How can someone be dealing with depression when it looks like that they have everything? And that’s because I’m trying to tell you, do not look at the surface of things. Even in the bible we see them, and God told Samuel to anoint the next king of Israel. He says, “Go, no, not this one, not this one, not this one.”

All the sons of Jesse look like they’re strong, they’re big, from the eldest to the youngest. But God didn’t pick the strongest or the oldest. (1 Samuel 16:10) He picked the one who is the shepherd boy. (1 Samuel 16:12) those who are attending the sheep, those who are fighting that line in the bear knowing that he was with God and God was with him, He chose that one, because God says, “Do not look at the outer appearance, but He looks into the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

And so as we consider this point, I’m not looking at the surface. This is good news. Why? Because number one, we know that it doesn’t matter what people look at us. The only thing that matters is what God says about us when He looks at us.

That is the good news. We don’t have to perform for the people, we have an audience of One. Whether it’s in school, whether it’s your career, whether it’s your ministry, whatever you’re doing, remind yourself, I have to remind myself over and over and over again. I have an audience of One.

It doesn’t matter what people are saying, what people are doing, it only matters what God says to me when I see Him on that day.

And here’s another thing you got to consider. If we know that many people are hurting even though they put up a front, then we need to know that we get to administer the people who seem to have it all together because you and I were put on the front before.

I know I’ve done in the past, but I know that deep down, I need the help of God. So today, we’re going to go administer life to people. Don’t just look at the appearance.

Worldly Fame and Success Can Never Give Satisfaction

Number two, we have to remember worldly fame and success can never fulfill or satisfy you.

It seems to be a cliche when you hear all money and fame and success can’t satisfy you. And yet that’s the very thing that most people are chasing after in life. You and I at one point in our lives, we have done that and then we say, “Oh well it’s cliche, but yeah we do it.” why? Because it is enticing.

Jesus calls into deceitfulness of riches and the cares of this life. This young woman had the prestige, had the education, had the looks, had the success that the world says you have to have. And yes, she thought that her life was not worth living.

When I grew up in Hong Kong, there’s a famous pop star back then named Leslie Cheung. He was an open homosexual. At that time, it was not as accepted as today. He looked like he had it all. He had the fame, he was on stage singing, performing.

And yet at the age of 46, Leslie Cheung jumped off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a five star hotel. The very famous prestigious hotel that people can stay in. He had the money and the fame. He went there, to do what? Not to enjoy life but to take his own life.

This is so tragic guys. There’s so many people around you and I today who need the desperate hope of Jesus Christ in their lives and yet they don’t know it. And sometimes we sit by as if we don’t care about it and we argue about all these stupid things, it doesn’t even matter about doctrine.

When the world is going to hell and they’re dying without Jesus Christ. What are you and I going to do about it? As I think about this pop star, year after year his fans, people will commemorate him and say “Oh how much great songs he had, what a great performance he did.”

And you know my heart is thinking, I don’t think he’s thinking about any of his earthly achievements right now. If he did not repent and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, he’s not going to be in heaven. And in hell, no one is thinking about their earthly achievements. It doesn’t matter how much money they had, what kind of billionaire they are, what kind of things that they achieve, what kind of legacy they left behind. It does not matter if that legacy is not for the Lord Jesus Christ if they’re not spending eternity with the Him in His kingdom.

And so my heart today is torn when I hear people talking about all the great men, of people in this world who achieved great things and yet I know that these guys from the looks of it, they did not repent and trust in Jesus.

The only thing I can think about is not what they achieved and the legacy they have on earth. It is what are they thinking in hell right now without Jesus Christ. You’re wishing I would have given everything that I have. All the success, all the money, all the fame, all the recognition, I would give all that away just so that I can come back on earth and one more breath to breathe so I can truly repair and trust the Lord Jesus Christ so I can have life.

I can almost guarantee you that is what they’re thinking in hell, in torment because no one wants to ever go into such a place. And the unfortunate thing is, Jesus says that most people are going to that place because broad is the way that leads to destruction. Many, and many go to that place.

You Will Be Miserable Unless You are Doing The Perfect Will of God

And so that leads us to the third spiritual truth. Unless you find Jesus Christ and His purpose for you in your life, you’ll always be miserable unless you’re doing the absolute perfect will of God.

It’s never going to satisfy you no matter how great that cause is. Whether you’re trying to help even orphans, but if God is not telling you to do this particular thing, if God is trying to have you do something else and then you’re trying to do this thinking that that’s what God wants you to do, that you’re going to miss the calling of God.

Now, should we help the orphans, preach the gospel, and do what the bible says? Yes, of course do the bible. This is the principle. If you want to find out what the will of God is in your life over and over. I’ve heard pastors say this: “Start doing the general will of God in your life.”

What is the general will of God? Well, the general will of God is in the bible. Go and live a holy life, love God, love others, preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons and help when you can. And if you do that general will of God, God will start giving you specific directions, open doors, divine connections, people you meet and you start stepping into your specific call of God in your life.

If you’re feeling right now that you’re not at the specific call of God in your life yet, then keep pressing on, keep doing what God has already put in front of you. Because the biblical principle is that he who is faithful with little, will also be faithful with much. (Luke 16:10)

Maybe you’re just in that place where God is trying to train you, try and develop you and see if you can be trusted. If you’re on that stage, keep pressing on.

And so right now, I want to pray for you. If you’ve ever had thoughts of suicide and depression, anxiety and stress, I can tell you that is not from God. Do not say that is your thorn. Don’t say that God wants you this way. I tell you that it’s from the enemy.

And in the name of Jesus right now, I take authority and I bind the spirit of suicide, anxiety, stress, depression. I break your power in Jesus’ name over every person who’s watching right now.

I command you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Leave them now in Jesus’ name! I set you free! Be healed! Be free! Your mind be made whole in Jesus’ name. And ask the Lord, Jesus Christ to set you free.

Do this every day, spend time in the Word of God, spend time in the secret place knowing that God will protect you. Renew your mind with the Word of God and all the things of this world. Because this world will give you anxiety, will give you stress, will give you depression.

That’s all what the world is designed for – is have you look at the things of this life and not look to look at God. But if you look at God, then you will have peace. You know that you’re walking in the path of God. You need to know that life is worth living with the Lord, Jesus Christ.

There’s always hope. Never give up because heaven and hell is real and heaven is the only destination you want to be because jesus has already prepared a place for those who love him. And you want to walk in a narrow path until you see Him. Heaven and hell is so real.

Go and share this with people who need to hear it.

Until next time.

God bless you!

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