"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Lil Dicky BLASPHEMES Jesus Christ! End Time Signs!!

If you have children, you don’t want them to watch the video of Lil Dicky’s live perfoemance blaspheming our Lord Jesus Christ.

I can’t keep playing it. Because if I keep playing, I’ll be playing utter blasphemy into your ears, into my ears, which I don’t want to do.

I don’t even know who this Lil Dicky is, but I saw this recent video of him of this blasphemous act of him being on the cross like Jesus Christ, full of lyrics of not only blasphemy and swearing, and yet our culture thinks it’s okay.

Beware of the Spirit of the Anti-Christ

This is the same type of platform where the world listens to music. Maybe you are listening to music on the world platform or a movie in Hollywood. This is the spirit of the anti-Christ that we’re living in today.

What’s more important right now, when we look at the performance like this is not to say, “Oh well, that’s just the world. They’re all going to hell.”

What’s more important is looking into our hearts, because this is the warning that Jesus gave you and me. Jesus says, “Whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, of him The son of man will be ashamed when He comes in His own glory.”

My Real Life Experiences

And I want to tell you that something recently happened to me in real life. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was on an outing with my kids and with my parents and in the washroom, I was doing my thing, and I heard somebody else on the other stall getting frustrated. He started to say these four words. He said, “Oh, Jesus f***ng Christ!” and I was like, what?!?

Something was burning within me, and I have never done this before, but out of my mouth, I just started saying, “Jesus is blessed!” Right out there!

I don’t even know who was there, I didn’t know who that guy was, whether he’s bigger, whatever his thing is, I don’t know! But I just felt something within me that the Holy Spirit was grieved. And when I walked out of that washroom stall, I saw the guy, and we obviously had had an awkward look. When I walked out of that washroom, I just went, “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!” And people probably thought I was crazy! They probably thought I was some kind of nut.

But you know what? At that moment, there was something inside me. It was the Holy Spirit that’s grieved for the spirit of the anti-Christ that were living in here, and that people that don’t know about the name of Jesus.

The other time I bought pizza, and the pizza delivery man was trying to enter the code for the credit card payment. He couldn’t get it to work and he said it again, “Oh Jesus Christ!” but not in a good way.

And yet, that time I didn’t say anything about that, and afterward, I felt guilty. I was like, “Jesus, Your name is so precious!”

Stand Up for the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Sometimes when I’m praying in tongues, worshipping, I just say, “Jesus, Your name is so precious!”, and my tears start falling down because it’s a name that saves us from eternal destruction. And yet the world takes it as some kind of joke. The world takes the name of Jesus Christ as if it was a cuss word!

And more importantly, where are the Christians who are standing up and saying, we are not going to accept this?

And so I told my kids about what happened. I told them, hey, this is what happened in the washroom and I said, “Jesus is blessed!” You have to stand up for the name of Jesus. If it’s not by words, you have to stand up by your actions.

How are we ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ? You don’t have to just say, “I am ashamed of Jesus.” Just by the fact that you are remaining silent, you are doing nothing about things like this. Then that makes us ashamed of the gospel.

Today, we have the promise of God that tells us, that whoever confesses Him, Jesus says on the other hand, “Whoever confesses Me before man, I will also confess him before my Father in heaven.”

Are you confessing the Lord Jesus Christ in your life, in your workplace, in your family, and to your neighbors? This is not a condemnation. This is a gift! This is an encouragement for us as the body of Christ to rise up!

Because when we look at a video performance like this, we will not see that for someone mocking the Islam faith. If they mock the prophet Mohammed or any other religion, there has been a full outcry of seeing world news everywhere! You see the left going all over the place right there mocking.

What about the L.G.B.T.Q. Community? If you mock them, what’s going to happen? And yet they’re okay with mocking the name of Jesus Christ who gave everyone breath and life. The Name above all names. The King above all kings. That one day everyone will bow, and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Look at what’s happening in Afghanistan. Do you not think that could happen one day in North America, in western cultures, and Christianity?

If we don’t stand up now, when are we going to stand up? Let me encourage you. Where is the place where God has put in your heart, something that He wants you to be a witness of His name?

Is it your workplace? Is it your family? Is it because you have some issue with your spouse that you can’t seem to bring the name of Jesus, bring that faith into your home? Well, I suggest you start praying. Start interceding for your family, intercede for your children.

Listen, if you will not instill Godly, righteous thoughts and holy patterns of living for your children, then guess what? The world, people like this Lil Dicky is going to be the one that they’re going to be watching and follow their lives after, and mocking the name the Lord Jesus Christ!

May that not be you or me. May our families be the ones to uplift the name of Jesus until He comes, because we want to be the ones that uplift the name and were not ashamed of that Name and that we’ll confess that name, Jesus Christ. Name above all names and King above all kings upon all the earth.

You want to confess that until He comes. If that’s what you want to do, you can start today, right now! Go stand up for wherever God has called you to be! Share with someone who needs to read this, because we absolutely need to be ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

God bless you!

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