"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Hidden Dark Side of Halloween EXPOSED

Should Christians participate in Halloween?

If you notice, I didn’t say CELEBRATE Halloween, because most Christians will say, “Well, we’re not celebrating Halloween, we’re not celebrating the day of the dead. We’re just putting on cute little costumes and our kids have fun, they go get candy and it’s no harm.”

Anton Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan said:

“I am glad that Christian parents let the children worship the devil at least one night out of the year.”

And he’s referring to Halloween.

Ask people who practice witchcraft and the things of darkness. They will tell you that Halloween and even the month of October is the time when they do that kind of spells and things of darkness because it is a spiritually open time for them to do that.

Especially when the guards of the Christians are down. They think it’s minor. They think that’s not going to harm them and their children. When in fact, what they don’t know is they are opening up their spirit and opening doors to the demonic that they don’t even know!

How All Saints’ Day Should Be Observed

Some Christians will even go as far as to quote to you the origin of Halloween saying that, “Hey, it actually came from all Saints Day. It is the time where they remember the saints.”

But here lies the PROBLEM. Most people who are participating in Halloween today, especially Christians, are not doing what the Christians were doing on All Saints’ Day.

That day was a solemn day, where they meditate, pray, and thought about the great believers who were martyred for their faith. So if you really want to celebrate and commemorate All Saints’ Day, go ahead and knock yourself out.

Take a book like this and read it to your children, The Foxe’s Books of Martyrs. Tell them how the believers of all have not denied their faith and stood up for the Lord Jesus Christ and how they were killed.

Read them that, and teach them the early Christian beliefs. Teach them of how the early Christians would not even join doing the things of the world during their time, such as going to the amphitheaters, watching adulterous acts, watching gory, violent, sexually immoral tv shows and movies, which people think today is no problem.

The early Christians would not even join them because they don’t want to displease God. And yet in the 21st century today, it grieves my heart to look at people who claim to follow Jesus Christ, and some of these people are even in leadership roles, have no problem with Halloween.

Halloween is Celebrating the Dead and Things of Darkness

If we drive around the neighborhood, whether it’s on the day of Halloween or even before, you see the many decorations on houses that don’t look very wholesome and don’t look very positive. It’s all about death, ghost, people getting killed, and a knife in someone’s neck.

Why? Because that is the nature of that day. It is used to celebrate the dead and the things of darkness. If that is the case, why would you put your children whom God has entrusted to you to participate in a day that is used for such evil?

Be the Light of the World

Some people say, “I don’t want to be a hermit. Even the bible says we are to be the light. So I don’t want to not participate in Halloween.” My question is, how can you be the light that Jesus calls you to be if you participate in the very same thing, that is the darkness? It’s the opposite of what Jesus says!

We are supposed to be the light. A city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. So that when people see our good works, they’ll give glory to the Father.

If you want to be the light of the world that Jesus called us to be as Christians, then on that day, you can witness, no problem. Let’s go participate in Halloween. And the only way I would do it is to go tell them about the light, not darkness.

We can witness and tell people that there is HOPE, that there is GRACE in God, that you don’t have to say trick or treat, but you can say TREAT and TREAT.

Did you know that there’s good news? It is so good, that it’s hard to believe!

That Someone who 2000 years ago would come here on this earth, He’s God. He’s Jesus Christ and He came to die for us so that when you are I repent and trust in Him today, we have hope.

And not only that, we don’t have to be afraid of a day like this, the day of the dead. When they are trying to freak the kids out. They are trying to scare people away. We are not afraid of that because we, through the power and the authority of Jesus Christ, can cast out demons, we can cast out those things of the darkness because we are the LIGHT.

Are you and I walking out the calling that God has put in our lives? It is so important for us at this end-time hour to keep our faith and to pursue things of God, because we don’t want to stop halfway in our faith.

The only way that we can keep ourselves keep our faith steadfast until the end is if we abide in Christ.

God bless you!

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