"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Going to Church: Online or In Person?

Because of the pandemic lockdown, a lot of churches have adapted in the past couple of years online church services.  And that’s understandable for a certain time.

But here’s the danger that you and I have to pay attention to. And that is not to forsake the Assembly of the Saints. Because in Hebrews 10:25, it says

“Not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.”

Not only is it today that people are doing this, but 2000 years ago. that while “The church building is not the church.

Worship Together

There are some believers who are already not meeting together. Many people are familiar with the phrase today that while “The church building is not the church. We are the church, the believers are the church.” And that is true.

However, is also not mutually exclusive to say, “I’m not going to church because I’m the church.” You can go to the church, be the church within the church building. There’s nothing wrong with that. And your church doesn’t have to be within the church building.

I know a good Minister, David Lynn. He preaches the gospel on the streets. He meets in the parks, on the streets, that’s great!

But the bottom line is, the moment you stop actually meeting physically with believers. This is where the danger happens. We all heard the stories in the animal kingdom, where when the herd is together, the harder it is to be attacked. But if there’s a loner, an animal that is by themselves, that one is most likely going to be the prey and to be attacked and to be devoured. You and I don’t want to be like that.

Worship with Your Family

Another danger that perhaps we don’t see is the one that I personally experienced myself. When we’re watching during the lockdown we’re just watching the TV. Are we really worshiping God? When we’re in our pajamas, were still in bed, we’re just watching this thing. What is my attitude? Am I worshiping God or am I just sitting there watching TV?

And so God convicted me nearing the end of the lockdown that I actually hosted my own family worship in the basement. One time, I had my eldest daughter play the guitar and lead the worship. I would give a sermon. My wife will read the scripture. We’re sure about what we’re thankful for that week. That is church!

Find a Group

And today, if you’re still at home, You’re just watching this little screen, whether it’s on your phone, whether it’s on the computer, whether it’s over the TV. I want to encourage you, go find a group of believers that you can meet locally.

If you say, “well, I don’t know of any good church.” Well then just go around and look. And you have to understand, you will never find the “perfect” church that you like. Why? Because you’re in it! Because I’m in it! We are imperfect people.

When imperfect people go to a place, imperfection happens. We have to not forget that we’re not shopping for churches. We are the church. We are there to give life.

Instead of going to church and say, “Oh, this pastor, he didn’t feed me anything.” “Oh, that person, he didn’t greet me properly.” Instead of doing that, why don’t you be that greeter? Why don’t you be that person who has life?

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Why do you have this clutch in your hand? Let me pray for you”

Will you feel discouraged?

Interact with Other Believers

Let me speak life over you. Let me encourage you with this scripture that I read this week. Why don’t you be that person who you want your pastor to be? This is the biblical principle that if you’re faithful where you are, God will give you more in the future, in the places where you’re at.

And so that they don’t give themselves excuses and say, “Oh there are no good churches here.” Start one. Start a simple bible study. Just you and another person that’s a church right there. Okay?

Talk to people. Ask for prayer. Pray for other people. But don’t just do it digitally. Do it with people around you. Be the light. Be the salt that God called you to be. That’s who you are if you are in Christ.

Don’t forsake the assembly of the meeting of the believers because there’s power in physically connecting with people. Laying on of hands. Praying of people. Physically talking to people. Encouraging them and you also being encouraged.

Remember to share the gospel with those around you because Jesus is coming. We want to share the good news with the world who needs to hear it.

God bless you!

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