"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Forbidden Worship That is Common Today

There’s one question that we have to ask ourselves as Christians. No matter how difficult it is, we have to confront ourselves with it. And it is this:

Do you or do I give our leftovers to God?

It is certainly more comfortable and easy to brush yourself, click away, and not think about this question and think to yourself, “Oh, I’m okay.” But have you considered if God on the day of judgment will ask you and me that question, how are we going to respond? And this is not a question that God never asked before.

In Malachi 1:7-8, God says to the Israelites,

“You offer defiled food on my altar. But say, ‘In what way have we defiled You God?’ By saying, ‘The table of the Lord is contemptible.”And when you offered the blind as a sacrifice, is it not evil?’ Asked God ‘Offer that to your governor,’ says God, ‘would he be pleased with you? Would he accept you favorably?’ Says the Lord of hosts. Who is there even among you who would shut the doors, so that you will not kindle fire on My altar in vain? I have no pleasure in you, says the Lord of hosts. Nor will I accept an offering from your hands.”

A Worship That Pleases God

The question we have to ask ourselves today is, God, is my worship pleasing to You? When I say worship, I’m not talking about clapping your hands on Sunday or in front of a television or your computer singing to some songs. I’m talking about our bodies, our thoughts, the way we act, the way we talk to people. And when no one sees us, how do we live our lives of worship to God?

Because some Romans 12:1, it tells us that

“We are to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.”

There are so many times I know that feel like, “Oh God, we have failed you.” but we can come back to the grace of God and say, “God, today help me to walk with You. Help me to walk in line with Your spirit. Help me to walk in line with the teachings because we love You, God and we obey You, Jesus. We will obey Your commandments.”

We don’t want to offer our worship in vain. Today I listen to a lot of worship songs and I love them. They’re singing worship and praise and saying, “Oh Jesus, I love you, I love you!” When I sing those songs, I remember Jesus says, “If you love me, you’ll keep My commandments.” (John 14:15)

So I will pray. God, Is there anything that’s not pleasing to You in my life? Please reveal it to me. I want to sing in worship in truth to You because the Father in heaven is looking for those as such worship Him in spirit and in truth. And a sharp contrast that this kind of offering, offering lame animal, the sick animal, the things that you don’t even want!

You have to ask yourself today, are we doing that with our own time? With our money? With our priorities? With our schedule? Are we doing that? Offering our leftovers to God. Oh God, after I watch all the tv that I want. Oh God, after I’ve done everything I need to do in my business. After I’ve talked to every friend that I know and all the social media that I looked at. Then I will spend time with You and talk to You for maybe about five minutes.

If that is our attitude, I dare to say perhaps, it’s better for us to not even attempt to worship God in this way. Because God says that He will not accept worship like that.

God Always Has Grace

But the good news is that God always has grace for us. If you’re reading this blog post, and as I am writing this, we can remind ourselves that there’s grace and there’s mercy if we turn back to God.

Because you know what? David, the man who messed up big time in the bible who committed adultery, who numbered the people and invoked the anger of God.

In 2 Samuel 24:10, because of David’s error, God strike the people with a plague and the angel of the Lord is about to destroy Jerusalem. And God relented saying, “No, don’t do that yet.” “Have David build Me an altar and here’s the key.”

David tried to go and buy the materials for the threshing floor and animals and all the sacrifices needed. The person who sold it says, “Oh, don’t worry about it. Just take it, go and offer the sacrifice and build an altar of the Lord and may God be with you.”

And here’s what David says, “No, surely I will buy it from you for a price. Nor will I offer burnt offerings to the Lord, my God with that, which cost me nothing.” David says that I’m not willing to offer God anything, that does not require me of anything, does not cost me anything.

I heard a pastor one time, we’re giving a soft rebuke to the people in my fellowship. We go out and eat and we get the change, a very small amount, maybe about several cents or whatever.

People start accumulating them and say, “Okay, well let’s just give that as an offering,” because we don’t want to split such small little cents. At that time, I didn’t understand them. I’m like, well, it’s just money. Why can we give it to God?

But now I know. In my very younger years, this is the principle He’s talking about. We don’t want to offer God something in our lives that cost us nothing or else it will be like offering God lame animals, blind animals, things that you’re going to throw away anyway.

It’s Not Too Late

Is that our attitude? If it is, then we pray, “God, forgive us today. Change us, Holy Spirit, from within so that we can offer our lives as true offering, true worship that pleases You.”

And the only way that we can do that is by the power of the Holy Spirit guiding our lives. Because without the Holy Spirit, you can drum up all the effort that you want to do, but you will not be able to accomplish it. You’ll need the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Go ahead and share this with others who need to see it. Until next time.

God bless you!

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