"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Fake Pastor Scam Exposed: Don’t Fall for This!

A fake famous pastor tried to scam me online. And there are four lessons that I’ve learned and I hope that you also can learn so that you can avoid being scammed in the religious circle.

Unfortunately, about a week ago I got this Facebook message from this profile named Pastor-Dave Roever. I don’t know what this pastor is, there are a lot of pastors who send different messages and I just tried to have an open mind not being cautious with it.

And the reason why I was also conscious is because this person has this thing, Pastor-Dave Roever. Usually, the person who is really in the heart of God, even if they have a title, they don’t like to flash it many times that they’re these prophets, bishops, evangelists, apostles.

I do understand that there are all those titles in the church of God. But many times people like to flash those titles right in the beginning. Right away, my alarm goes off because Jesus, the King of kings came to serve and not to be served.

And so he starts by saying

“Shalom, beloved”

“God bless you, Emmanuel”

Do you see that tone? Shalom, peace be with you, beloved. These are words that want to draw you, you know. “Hey brother, how are you? God bless you, Emmanuel.”

And so I said “Shalom brother, peace back to you.”

I don’t know who this guy is. Maybe he’s real. Shalom, peace of God be with you. God bless you too. And then he says

“Amen! Peace be unto you and your family. “

“I contacted you beloved because I saw something great coming your way. And I also saw spiritual attacks. I want you to bind them with prayers. “

Now, of course, I know there are spiritual attacks. We have to put on the full armor of God. We know that there’s a wicked one out there who wants to devour the children of God, devour the world and we have to be on guard.

People Have the Appearance of God

And so that’s the first lesson, is that people have the appearance of God. Even those who are not of God will seem to have the appearance of God. They’ll talk like God, talk church,

“Oh, beloved. “

“Oh, how are you praying? “

“I saw spiritual attacks with you. “

You’re going to bind them with prayers. “

All these are jargons and terms that we use in the church and people have an appearance of God. Even the devil, Paul says, can come as an angel of light.

You have to be careful! The enemy knows how to initiate the temptation and how to initiate an attack, seeming like it is the word of God. The same way that the devil tempted Jesus and say, “You can just jump down this temple. It’s not going to hurt you because in Psalm 91 it says that the angels will be given charge over you, so you won’t dash your foot against a stone.”

The devil takes things out of context, twists them, and tries to tempt you with them.

You have to know that “No, that it’s not right.” And at this time my alarm has already gone up. But I want to be a little bit more open-minded because I want to hear what he had to say.

So I said, “What did you see?” Because sometimes, God will send someone to you that you may not know and to speak over your life.

Be Careful Who Speaks Over Your Life

But you have to be very, very careful. Which is point number two.

As I read this to you of what he says, you’ll be careful who speaks over your life. Not everyone who comes to you and says,

“I heard a word from the Lord. “

“I’m going to prophesy over you.”

There have been times I told people, “Hey, I don’t want to receive that word.”

They asked me, “Hey, I have a word from the Lord for you. Can I release it for you? “

I say, “No, I’m sorry. I don’t know you, and so I cannot receive a word from you.”

Because typically, a pastor or someone that I know, a prophet who had a track record and people recognize them to be really instruments of God. Those people, I want to hear more. So I’m not just going to take any word randomly from any stranger. That is something you have to guard your heart and your life as well because you don’t want people prophesying death and curse over you.

And so he says,

“Say this prayer. Lord, today I offer you my mind. May I seek the mind of Christ in all things. Freed from anxiety and fear. Filled with wholeness and wellness. Today I offer you my spirit in you. I have been born again. Your spirit dwells deep within me. “

And there’s like no punctuation. It just keeps going on. It doesn’t sound like a very well-written thing, but I keep reading.

“My spirit is alive and you free from depressive thoughts and critical thinking. Today, I offer You my body. May it be a temple dedicated to you oh, lord. A place for you to live and reign. May I be mindful of what I eat and drink. May I be watchful of my sleep and rest. Lord, right now, I offer You my whole being. I present my mind, spirit, and body to you. Come and take me as a living sacrifice. This day and every day. May I ever glorify and worship Your name.”

And so this prayer seems to be okay, even though the punctuation is non-existent, it’s kind of weird. But I was thinking, okay, this may be an old pastor, not very used to things like this typing online. So I was giving him a little bit more benefit of the doubt.

But then he starts talking about things that I don’t really agree with at this time. I’m still not entirely convinced of who this is. Whether he’s a real pastor or just some kind of a fake. And so I said,

Thanks for the prayer brother.”

Overall, it’s great. Except a few things don’t really apply to me. I’m not really anxious or depressed. And I do think God gave us wisdom to think critically on things, biblically and in the world. When someone tells you, “Hey, you can’t think critically. Okay, I’m going to renounce.. “

You know you don’t do that! You don’t renounce critical thinking, especially when you’re critically thinking in line with the word of God. You don’t want to have critical thinking with the wisdom of the world because the wisdom of the world is actually death.

They can never, in the fossil records, find the missing link between where humans went from a monkey to a human. And yet the scientists and people in the schools are teaching it. That kind of thinking you don’t want to adopt.

But if you want to look at the things of God, you need critical thinking. You need to rightly divide the word of God.

Knowing How to Rightly Divide the Word of God

Which is number three, knowing how to rightly divide the word of God. You need to do that. You need to know the bible when someone is speaking things over you, you’re like,

“Hey, is this right?”

“Does the bible ring true?”

“Is the Holy Spirit bearing witness with the script as I’ve read?”

If you don’t read the bible, you’re not going to know this. So you have to know the bible and divide the word rightly. And so I followed up by saying,

“I’m curious if you could please elaborate any details on what you saw “coming my way,” and the “attacks.”

And he totally ignored that question and he says,

“Amen, I want you to continue in this faith. God is taking you somewhere if only you do what He says.”

You’ll notice that many times when people are giving you “words,” things will be quite general,

“Oh, God is taking you to a great path. “

“Oh, you have these obstacles. But you can overcome.”

They’re very generic. But if you know that if God really wants to speak into your life, you will have some kind of an inner witness. And sometimes people will know certain things about you that only God will know and you know that person is speaking of God.

And I have had specific instances where there’s a woman who was a prophetess and she prophesized certain things over us and spoken certain things over me and my wife. There’s no way she’d known. It is by the spirit of God, you know and it reigns through your spirit, it’s from God.

But in this case, I did not feel a sense of peace the same way I had in the past. And as I continue these thoughts, I say,

“Amen. Praise God. The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! Thank you for your encouraging word brother, Pastor Dave. I can see you have a great testimony from the Lord. Would be great if we can do a video interview with you someday!”

So at this time, I started looking into his profile because I wasn’t really sure. When I start to reply to him in the beginning, I didn’t even look up who this guy is.

Apparently, this guy is a great testimony. He used to be in the Vietnam war, God saved him and delivered him. And it’s a great testimony and his talk is actually pretty good. And so I’m like,

“Hey, it’s great to interview you.”

But at the same time, I wasn’t really sure if this is him.

So I’m throwing the bait out there and saying, “Hey, is he going to say he’s going do an interview?” Let’s see what he’s going to say. And then he replies to say “Amen” again, not answering the question.

“Do you know one thing God showed me about you beloved?” again, not answering the question.

Not very good. And at this point I’m like, you know what? I’m done with this back and forth trying to figure out who he is. I’m pretty sure that this guy’s not real. So I said, “Is this an invitation account of the real Pastor Dave?”

However, I see he has an active Facebook page with real engagement. Should I report this account of little productivity on his Facebook fan page? Because I look at this guy, Pastor-Dave Roever, his post, his Facebook timeline had three posts on it.

And in the account, the first post is in October of 2021, just a few months earlier and then one of the posts was actually celebrating his 75th birthday. The profile that he had only had three posts, very little engagement compared to his Facebook fan page.

And that’s why I knew this guy is most likely a fake. But he continues,

“God showed me that you are very confident and never afraid to tell the world you serve Him. For many are called but few are chosen. You were chosen. Are you ready to give all of you? “

You hear that he was trying to wheel you in, trying to get you to do something that he wants, and asked you for that favor. And so at this time, I knew he was going to ask me for money. So I said, “What do you suggest?” because I don’t want to force it in his mouth. I want to hear what he says.

And so he says again, “Amen!” What do you amening to? Every time I ask you a question, you don’t answer me. And he said “Amen!” what are you amening to? And he says,

“Say this prayer… God, I pray to always have goals and dreams according to what you’ve called me to do. Thank you that when I call unto you. You answer me and show me great and mighty things, which I know not.”

So now he quotes Jeremiah. He wants to make you feel a little bit better. He quoted the scripture. So is this guy from God?

But again, rightly divide the word of God. Just because someone can quote some scriptures to you does not mean that they’re from God. Just like the devil quoting the scripture to Jesus when he was tempted. And so I asked him, “What’s your traveling schedule like this year?”

Because I know if he’s the real guy, he’s going to know. And by now why would we not be surprised that he did not answer my question again and he just maybe copy and paste. I don’t know if this is the operation, maybe they pasted it here.

“God wants you to embark on the two days fasting in prayer while I guide you through what to do. God wants you to sow a seed of faith..”

Here it is!

“Sow a seed of fate offering to a faraway poor orphanage home outside your country as I fast and pray with you for God’s immediate intervention on the plan of the evil ones over your life. “

Do you see what’s happening here? Number one, to do certain things that Christians are supposed to do. Of course, I want to fast and pray. I do that. Of course, I want to sow a seed of faith. Of course, I want to give to the kingdom of God. Of course, I want to help poor orphanages.

Because Jesus said in Matthew 25:40

“In as much as you did it with the least of these My brethren, you have done it unto Me.”

Of course, I do that. But is it because just some random guy says, “Hey, we’re going to do this, you’re going to do that” you’re going to obey it? Even though you don’t know who he is?

And at the end, he used the tactic of fear. He says,

“I’m going to pray and fast with you so that there’s intervention from God. So the plan of the evil ones over your life can be broken.”

This is a very common tactic to scare you to do something when you know that you should not be in the spirit of fear, you should trust in God.

So by this time I’ve had enough. So I told him,

“Have you read the bible in the book of Revelation where it says all liars will have their part in the lake of fire?”

“where will you spend eternity? 

“in heaven or hell?”

I wasn’t upset with this person. I was just really trying to get to his soul. Hey, I know you’re doing this for a purpose. I know maybe he needs it for his family. He’s probably in a developing country where he needs money. He doesn’t have food. But you don’t just scam people because you want to have money.

And yet again, he doesn’t answer this question and he says,

“God wants you to sow a seed of $1,671 to God’s Hope Charity Home so they can assist with the fasting and prayers and also they can feed.”

Feed what? And he says

“God wants you to do this with faith and love. Will you be able to do that?”

And so I responded with, “Will you repent of your sins?”

Speak Truth With Grace and the Spirit of Mercy Calling People to Repentance

This is lesson number four. Speak truth with grace and the spirit of mercy calling people to repentance. Because you and I, once we’re in the sin and we need to turn to God and repent and to have mercy and love of God.

I said, “When you repent of your sins, did you know deceiving people for money is not something that God likes.” I told him “There’s grace, repent today. Who is asking you to do this?” I’m trying to get to his logic. “If he was asking you do this, you don’t have to do this.”

And by then he has already blocked me because I did not fall into a scheme. Now, certainly I’ve called him out in this instance. But you know what? The unfortunate thing is, the unfortunate thing is that over and over again around the world today. The reason why this person is doing this is because it works.

If this doesn’t work, they don’t actually get money doing this, then they’re not going to spend the time trying to go scam people. There are so many scamming schemes out there. And even if you go on CBC or your local television sometimes they report these scams, some different type of Go Fund Me, or some kind of businesses.

Different schemes are all out there and this is what the bible talks about that. The love of money is the root of all evil and people pierced themselves with many sorrows. There’s a biblical way to be financially blessed to make money so that you can give to the poor, to give to other people. It’s called sowing and reaping. You believe in God, you love Him, you’ve given to the things of God, you’re diligent, you’re hardworking, you have integrity.

When you do that, God gives you the power to generate wealth. And when you have wealth, what do you do with that wealth? You give to other people and you are kingdom-minded. You’re not trying to just fulfill your flesh. There’s a way to be financially blessed, but this is certainly not the way to do it.

So I pray in Jesus’ name, if you’ve ever been in situations like this, I pray or even if right now, in the future you can encounter something like this. I pray that you will not do anything out of guilt. Don’t do anything out of condemnation.

Just recently, I talked to a couple of brothers, they’re saying,

“Oh yeah, I feel like I need to pray more and to read the bible more. “

“I’m not sharing the gospel enough.”

And I remind them and remind myself,

“Hey brother, don’t do anything out of condemnation. Giving, don’t do it out of grudge because the bible says, God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:7) Give as though you’re loving unto God, you want to do this, you want to worship Him.

When we have that heart, we can be taken advantage of by someone who is trying to guilt us and giving you this fear to give them money to raise in this kind of tragedy. You don’t need to do that because you know that God is my source. He’s my protection no matter what happens, I am protected.

Go and share this with other people, share the gospel with someone you know this week because the coming of Jesus is at hand and we want to be busy with the father’s business.

God bless you!

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