"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
EX-YOGA Instructor For 8 Years Exposes Danger & DEMONIC Side of Yoga!

A yoga instructor who taught for eight years gives her testimony.

And if you have also done yoga before or if you’ve taught yoga and you have a testimony post it below. Because we want to shout on the rooftop to tell people whether practicing yoga is a good idea or not for Christians.

Recently, I posted on my Facebook page a video I made in the past about whether Christians should do yoga or not because you would probably do yoga thinking that it’s mindless exercise and it wouldn’t hurt. But in this video, I looked into the bible to see whether we should do it as Christians or not.

And after posting this video,  I want to show you a testimony from Andrea Perez. She says, before becoming saved, she was heavily involved in new age (reiki, tarot, crystals, chakra, etc.) But she also taught yoga for eight years.

She says,

“When I began to feel the Holy Spirit begin to change me and move me, I began to question what I was doing. My testimony is long, however, Jesus took me away from all of it. “

Actually, her post is not that long. Okay. But it’s amazing! You need to hear this.

“I threw away all of it. Near the end of my teaching days, I had an experience that shook me to my core. I was home alone doing yoga on my mat. I had just begun sun salutations (bowing to the sun god).”

Yoga is Not of God

She says she was upside down and God waited to show her what state she was in. And she says, I heard as clearly as I hear your video, like we’re talking right now in an audible voice. God says to her, “Stop! This is NOT of Me!”

She says she dropped to her knees and looked around.  “The sound, the voice was so loud in my ears.” She says she could have sworn someone was next to her. Then she felt this shame and she asked, “God, is that You?” And God says to her, “This is not of Me.”

What she was doing – the yoga poses, the yoga exercises, it’s not of God. She says,

“I stopped teaching shortly afterward after praying it over and researching because I still wasn’t a believer fully yet. It took four more years for me to finally begin reading the bible. But now I can use my experiences as a testimony to others who aren’t sure.”

“Yoga means to yoke or bind together with whatever pose (Asana) you are performing. You open yourself up to allowing these spirits into your temple.”

The bible says that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. The main way to enlightenment in yoga and Hindu is Kundalini which is a serpent spirit that travels up and around your spine, until you have practiced enough for it to reach your brain. It’s not really enlightenment. It’s demon possession.

“So few ever accomplish it, but it is demonic. So, no, yoga and Christianity do not mix. Great video!”

Now, this is just one testimony. If you go on YouTube, you can search for many ex-yoga instructors, ex-yoga practitioners, who give similar stories of how yoga is not just this mindless exercise.

They try and do it in schools, they try and put in your kids’ program. Some churches are even doing yoga sessions, I don’t understand why. If you want to exercise, go and run, play basketball, go and shoot archery, whatever. But you don’t need to put yourself in poses that are in salutation and worship to a Hindu god or to many Hindu goddesses.

The Devil is Cunning

In the last days, the devil is very cunning. He’s not going to be like, “Oh, I’m Satan, and I’m going to deceive you.” He’s not going to do that. He’s going to use things to try to get into your life, to try and distract you, so that you cannot draw near to God.

And I believe doing yoga could be one of those things that distract you from the calling of God.

And so as I asked at the beginning of the article if you have a testimony about yoga, whether you practice it, whether you’ve done it, or somebody else you know, put it in the comments section.

We want to show people especially Christians, whether it’s a good idea to do yoga or not. Because I can tell you so many times, I’ve heard of not only Christians, but even pastors say, “Oh, we’re doing this yoga session.” and in my mind, I’m like, “What is going on here?”

Whatever is pure, whatever is good, whatever is praiseworthy, let us think about such things. That’s what the bible says. Not to think about some other Hindu gods in poses that do not glorify God.

Definitely share it with someone who needs to read it!

God bless you!

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