"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Danger of Believing a False Jesus

If you and I got into a time machine going back 2000 years where Jesus lived on earth, would you want to see Him? Most Christians would say “Yes, I want to see Him, of course.”

How Jesus Was Really Treated 2000 Years Ago

But unfortunately, I don’t think that is actually the case because the Bible shows us otherwise.

Matthew 8 gives the account that Jesus cast out a bunch of demons into the swine and then He says in Matthew 8:34,

“Behold, the whole city came out to meet Jesus and when they saw Jesus they begged Him to depart from the region.”

What? Jesus has just done deliverance on two demon-possessed men. They were set free. The town goes and meets Him and says “Go and depart.”

How could that be?

The more important question is, would you and I say the same thing if we saw Jesus 2000 years ago? Why would people do that?

But if you thought because people don’t want their lives disrupted, Jesus was known for having teachings that ruffle feathers with the religious leaders. Some people loved Him and some people hated Him.

Someone goes to Jesus and says,

“I’m going to follow You but first let me go and bury my father.”

Luke 9:59

What did Jesus say?

“Let the dead go bury their dead, but you go and preach the kingdom of God.”

Luke 9:60

When He looked at the Pharisees, the religious leaders at the time when people thought, these are people that lead us to eternal life. But Jesus says, “You will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” If you read Matthew 23:28 He says

“That because inside, they are all corrupted when on the outside they appeared to be godly.”

They are fakes. No wonder people don’t like Jesus.

Today we say “Oh well, we’re not going to say, Jesus leave.” In fact, we sing about it on Sundays. We sing in the songs, we say “Oh Jesus, we love You.” “Oh Jesus, we want You to come.”

Are We Asking Jesus to Leave Without Knowing?

Holy Spirit we ask, “Are there things in our lives that we’re doing that we’re asking Jesus to leave?” We may not have verbally asked Jesus to leave, but in our actions maybe we have done that.

Oh God, forgive us if we ask Him to leave our church, our school, our family, our job, our lives. You don’t have to verbally say “Jesus, get out of here.” But in your actions, you can say “get out of here” when you don’t acknowledge His goodness.

When you don’t praise Him. When you don’t thank Him for giving you life and sustenance. When you don’t seek His face. We don’t teach our children about the things of God, but you are willing to teach them about the sports team, the names of certain players who no one really thinks about in 100 years. You wanted to teach them that, but you won’t teach them the things of God.

My question is, have you asked Jesus to leave your family? And this is not spoken as condemnation because each one of us, including myself, has things we have to work on. But we have to recognize that our lives are not ours. We were bought for a price by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

People Also Turned Against Paul

There’s such a great song saying all the blood of Jesus, it washes white as snow. In the Book of Acts, Paul encountered the same thing. When he preached the gospel and people who are selling this idol, goddess Diana, we’re losing their livelihood. And they stirred up this uproar because they’re losing their means of living.

Instead of turning to God, these turned people up to come against Paul and come against the Gospel message.

Pray for Courage

Today, will you and I do the same in the name of tolerance? In the name of comfort? In the name of not offending people? In the name of “I need this job and I don’t want to offend anybody?”

Holy Spirit, I pray that courage would arise among us. That we will confess you, Jesus. That not only we will confess You, but that we will live with You because we’re not ashamed of You. And not only do we want to follow You, but we also want to teach our children and share with those who are around us, our friends or neighbors, our workers, those around us to follow You.

Our generation needs God and I’m not talking about those who don’t believe in God. I’m talking about professing Christians who say that they believe in God.

Did you know that in recent research that was done, 69% of professing Christians actually hold unbiblical beliefs? We want to make sure that our faith is not fake or on shaky ground. We want to make sure our faith is grounded in the bible, in the word of God. Because that will never fade away.

Share this with those who need to hear it until we see Jesus.

God bless you!

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