"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
Bibles Won’t Burn: Miracle or Coincidence?

I’m going to tell you about a couple of clips from the news that seems impossible or miraculous about bibles that are fireproof. Check this out!

Newscast #1

Incredible story from Memphis this morning. Good Samaritans are being credited with saving a man’s life after a violent, fiery crash. This jeep went up in flames after getting sideswiped and pushed off the interstate. Other drivers immediately stopped and rushed in trying to free the driver. They were able to get him out. He is expected to be okay.

Firefighters found another miracle though inside the burned-out car. A bible on the front seat that wasn’t burned at all.

“So maybe it’s God. So you if you don’t believe, I don’t know what to say.”

Newscast #2

Among the rubble left behind by a destructive January house fire.

“We lost everything.” Scott Byrd says his grandfather’s bible which was here somehow avoided the flames.

“But this bible did not have one scorch mark on it.”

“A sign from God.” Bird says, “Maybe miracles do happen.”

“It just, I couldn’t, I didn’t see how that bible made it because the dressers, everything was gone. Um, nothing but a big pile of ash.”

Newscast #3

The Rose’s family home is completely destroyed. That was the day after Christmas. Since then, they’ve been digging through the rubble looking for what matters most to them.

Also important, The bibles — one big one and one little one which has been opening to a specific page in the Book of Proverbs since the fire. Sherry says it speaks to her.

“This is, um, I am weary God, and I have been, since the passing of my dad. It’s just God’s way of letting me know that I’ll be alright”

How Important is the Word of God?

What is your first reaction after watching videos like these? Of course someone can say, “Well, that’s fake.” or “This is not real.” But deep in your heart, you’re like “Maybe this is a supernatural sign from God.”

In fact, one of the scriptures that come to your mind perhaps is

“Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will not pass away.” (Matthew 24:35)

says God.

The bible tells us that God’s word will not return to Him void, but it will accomplish the very thing that it is set out to do — and that is good news for you and me today, because we can trust the word of God.

And the question to you and I is when was the last time we opened up the bible and read His word? Do you know that the Christians around the world today, they’re literally being killed because they are found to have bibles in their homes?

In fact, just a couple of months ago there was an article saying the Taliban were going around different houses looking for Christians having bibles in their homes.

Today, perhaps you have three or four or five or even more bibles in your home. But the question is, how many times have we read it? Did you know that this is the very thing that can sustain us in our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ?

The Bible is Not Hard to Understand

Sometimes people say,

“Well, I don’t really read the bible because I don’t understand it.”

“It’s like the Book of Revelation it’s so full of symbolism and things that I don’t understand.”

But what a tragedy guys. Because the Book of Revelation, if you read the first line, it says “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” How many of us have actually read the Book of Revelation, cover to cover, page by page?

The devil has given the lives of Christians today and say, “Oh, we can’t understand this.” Read the scholars, read the theologians, those who went to seminary to teach us what the bible means.

Just Simply Read the Bible

But did you know that the early believers simply read the bible? And by the way, you got to know they did not have the New Testament. Many of them were reading the Old Testament. And as the apostles and disciples start to preach the gospel, they found it necessary to write down these gospel accounts which constitute our New Testament today. That’s how the bible was written.

And I can assure you if you would just read the New Testament, page per page, you’ll be able to understand it. And it may just surprise you that you’ll find a big difference between what you read in the bible than what is taught in the churches today.

In my estimation of reading the bible on its own without any preconceived notions have been taught in the church. I am convinced that the Jesus that we hear in the churches today, it’s only about 15% of who Jesus really is. You may say “Well, Emmanuel, how can that be?” Because the church is supposed to teach Jesus, it’s supposed to teach us the word of life.

And that is the tragedy guys because the bible tells us in the last days that many will not endure sound doctrine. How is it possible that they’re not going to endure sound doctrine? It’s because they don’t treat the Word of God as the authority.

They may look at their feelings, their circumstances, dreams, or visions, and those things may not necessarily be wrong, but your life and my life must rest our faith in the Word of God alone.

So if God can perform miracles like this to preserve the bible in fires, now I suggest you go on YouTube and type in “bible saved in the fire” or “fireproof bible.” You’ll see many accounts of this happening.

Could this be a sign that God is trying to give us and say read your bible? Because this is what is going to guide you onto the path of eternal life. Because today our culture is going to teach against the things of God. And unfortunately, even churches today are going to teach against the things of God.

And so unless you read it unless I read it and understand what is the written Word of God to us, then how can we walk in the path of eternal life? I encourage you to add to that prayer. If you can pray in tongues, pray in tongues. Or if you want to pray in words, you can do that too.

Go ahead and share this with people who need to hear the Gospel. Make sure you share the Gospel with at least one person this week because we need to proclaim the name of Jesus until He comes back.

God bless you!

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