"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
An Interview: Ex-Yoga Instructor Exposes Yoga’s Dark Side

Cheryl: I would wake up with night terrors seeing demons crawl on my walls. One of the demons that was inside me was Kundalini.

Simon: She blacked out and you know damaged my wall and she didn’t even remember what had happened. I said, in the name of Jesus, I command that kundalini spirit to unravel from the spine and come out. And something came out that was so dark.

Cheryl: I collapsed on the kitchen floor because I could feel the ribs puncturing my lung. When Simon was praying, I could feel two ribs, in particular, crack back in place.

The Interview

Emmanuel: Today I’m here with my friend Simon and his wife Cheryl. They have an absolutely amazing testimony of how God has delivered them from a lot of demonic oppression. And not only that. Now that they delivered, they’re setting other people free and I know that it’s going to bless you today as you hear this testimony. Let’s just get right into it,

Cheryl and Simon, thanks for coming on today. I really want to start with you Cheryl, tell us a little bit about your background of how you got into teaching yoga. Even got into the side of kundalini and how God has worked you out of that. But give us a little bit of background of how you guys have been through this journey so far.

Cheryl: It was probably about 2015, I believe I was searching for something higher than myself and it was leading me obviously in the wrong direction. That time we were attending a church and I just really didn’t feel connected to it.

And so I decided to find something that would hopefully make me happy. And I started practicing yoga. I want to say basically, religiously, I was addicted to it.

And from there, that led me to search for a career in that path. So I decided to get my registered yoga training certificate. And then from there, that led to me teaching a lot basically more like vinyasa style yoga.

However, I did take multiple kundalini classes. But to be honest, there was one kundalini class in particular. And if you’re not aware of kundalini, basically you’re holding poses for a certain amount of time. It actually tore my shoulder. So obviously that should have been a sign not to practice.

However, I continue to go down that path, that route for multiple years. That’s pretty much the background there. That’s pretty much the background there. I did leave the studio in 2018 and I stopped practicing then.

Emmanuel: Yeah, so in a few years that you were teaching yoga, because sometimes I hear Christians say, Oh it’s just exercise. Some people do pilates or other stretching, what’s wrong with doing yoga? It was just a bunch of exercise. How would you respond to that? Having been in and taught it for like five years. How would you respond to that?

Cheryl: I used to say that. I say that stretching is great for you. I’m no longer a registered yoga teacher. That was my old self. But the new creation is a stretch in alignment therapist. So there’s a difference between the two whether you want to see it or not, you’re praising yoga, demonic gods, and not the true one God. So that’s how I see that perspective.

Emmanuel: And even if we go on like Wikipedia, people just do a simple search. It says that yoga has its roots founded in Eastern philosophy and religion. So it’s not very surprising for people to realize these poses or salutations to some kind of a Hindu god. So when Christians say it’s just a form of exercise, I think it’s a lot more than that.

Earlier this year, you experienced something in the supernatural, both in the bad and the good. So take us on a journey from doing yoga. How those influences have been in you and how you got delivered from that. Take us through that, I mean, Simon, you can chime in here in terms of what that journey looks like.

Cheryl: As a lot of people are aware or not aware when you have certain things in your house, whether they were malas which is very big in yoga that you wear around your neck instead of across. Whether they are different books.

So, from yoga, first of all, I had to renounce that, but I did. But I had things in my house, like, I don’t even know how many things, I want to say at least 2000 entrances for demons to get into possibly batter me, which is what was happening on a daily basis to the point where before I said enough is enough, I would wake up with nightmares seeing demons crawl on my walls and that still gives me chills.

Because I finally said I can’t do this anymore and I need to fight it out. And honestly to this day, it just boggles me that the way out was up to God and Jesus and through the Holy Spirit.

And one of the demons that were inside me and didn’t realize it was Kundalini. And Simon can tell you how that got out and delivered thank goodness.

Simon: So first of all, I mean Cheryl was really deep into obviously, yoga, which is part of the occult new age. So within that, she had brought home not just in her heart, but just all around her life, you know, papers, crystals, different things on her laptop, her phone, and her life was just filled.

So it got to a point where she was just so deep in it and she was stuck and her life was just filled with a lot of misery of darkness, a lot of brokenness. Just a lot of things that we couldn’t explain.

It was almost like she just had like this bad luck and we couldn’t figure it out. And this was for years and this was before I was born again. So I wasn’t, I just didn’t know what to do and our marriage struggled severely.

It wasn’t until God really intervened to lift these weights off. And it wasn’t until like Cheryl said she had enough. And there were a lot of different points where it was just enough. And you know, one of those points was when she blocked out and just had, you know, damaged my wall and she didn’t even remember what had happened.

And I told her, I said, you know, I was really, you know, this isn’t a time where I was really searching God and you know, Mark 16:17 says that these are the signs that should follow that she’s speaking in tongues and casting out demons.

And this is what Jesus did, it’s deliverance and healing. And you know, setting people free, setting the captives free. And I knew that this was something that was not really practiced in today’s modern church. But I knew that this is the gospel of Jesus. So I really just dove in and I wanted the real Jesus that the church teaches only, you know, 10 15% on.

So not just about grace. I wanted the true gospel. And when I really realized the truth and also through different people that I’ve met and through the JGLM network that I’m a part of, they taught me truth. Biblical gospel. And I told her, I said “Cheryl, you need deliverance. You need to be delivered.”

And at one point I sent her a bunch of verses. One morning, she read the Mark 16:17 and she fell to the ground and she says “I no longer believe in Catholicism.” It was as if God’s word just hit her right in her heart and just penetrated her. And she fell right to the ground and right then and there I started praying over her on the kitchen floor and I said “In the name of Jesus! I command that kundalini spirit to unravel from the spine and come out!”

And what happened was it was the most, it was surreal because her spine arched and twisted like as if a cat had been thrown in bathwater. It just twisted inhumanely and it came right off of her and she hooked it out. She actually vomited air but something came out that was so like dark and it was the kundalini spirit because I had known that kundalini spirit, it goes around her spine and interweaves through I think the chakras.

So that came out as well as so many other things. You know mental illness, ADHD, just everything. But that was just the start of the journey. You know she’s free of yoga. We had to purge our house for a while because there were reiki crystals, CDs, papers, things on her laptop, things on her phone. Just different connection points that she’s had in the house, which were also open doors.

And even when she was free, she was, we were battling a lot of the spiritual warfare because we still had things in our house.

Cheryl: Which I was unaware of because what the demons want to do is they want to hide right? So we tried to, like even downstairs in the basement and there’s a bin right in our storage area full of yoga stuff. And Simon said “I went through the basement and it just presented itself to me.” And I was like, “Oh my goodness, this is exactly why this is happening.”

And there’s times where I’m like “Holy Spirit show me something else.” and I’ll walk by and a cupboard will be open and there’s something in there. Or I’ll walk up to something and it will be, it will say “Stop what you’re doing, open that.” And I kept on finding things. I was so deep and so it was just a constant struggle but in a good way because as I was purging this stuff which monetary wise, I can’t even tell you how much are like all that stuff, but it is, it wasn’t important because what was important was finding Him and doing right by Him.

Simon: The most important thing was to be transformed in Christ more than the deliverance. Deliverance is a byproduct from the power of God. But we, yeah, we had to really focus. We didn’t want to focus on the deliverance even though that’s the main thing that happened recently.

Cheryl’s heart really had to open up to Christ and receive Him and be on fire for Him. And she got baptized as well. But it wasn’t until she really surrendered to Christ and really received the gospel that things had changed. And same for me it wasn’t about the deliverance, it was about receiving Jesus as our Lord and Savior and surrendering to Him completely.

Through that, we received, you know, the power of the Holy Spirit. Through that, you know, the devil has zero authority over us right? Luke 10:19 – For us to trample over snakes and scorpions and they’re not to harm us because God gives us that authority. But we have to know our authority in Christ. And more importantly, we have to really surrender to Him and live for Him and deny ourselves.

A lot of people, they want to be delivered because they’re struggling in life from different things but they don’t really want Christ where they want only a little bit. They just want to be delivered. They’re like, “just deliver me.”

Cheryl: Definitely!

Simon: Deliver me and I want to live the rest of my life how I want.” To go back sitting and then what will happen is that the demons are going to come back like sevenfold. Yeah, that’s what the bible says. And that’s what was happening.

Cheryl: Because I still have stuff in the house.

Emmanuel: And I think that’s the part that a lot of people misunderstand. They go to church, they expect their pastor to lay hands on them. Prayer, prayer or someone to deliver them and then, oh that’s it. And they come back over and over and over again at the altar. When Jesus says, when a demon leaves the house, he goes through dry places seeking a home. But if he goes and can’t find any, he’ll go back and say, “Hey, the house that I was at, is this still empty? If it is, I’m going to go back.”

And like you said, take back seven more worse demons. The state of that person is worse than the first. So absolutely, if someone that is not even wanting deliverance, I’m not going to force you, I’m not going to chase after you because of something. If you look in the bible, the parents would bring the children or people who want to be delivered. They go to Jesus, they want it.

And afterward, their lives have changed and went out everywhere telling about Jesus, especially for the body of Christ. We have to understand. We have to renew our minds, fill ourselves with Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. So that not only are we delivered, we can go and deliver others.

And the thing is, many Christians don’t realize the reality of the supernatural, the spirit realm. How angels are fighting against demons. Of course, they’ve been defeated, but they can still attack people and even Christians today.

And so tell us, I remember when you were delivering Cheryl, there’s something supernatural that happened there. And as you were purging the house, you found items that you aren’t even aware was a problem. And the Holy Spirit revealed that to you. Tell us a bit more about that.

Simon: This was towards the end. It was actually only maybe like a month ago, Cheryl had come into my room. I was hanging out on my bed with my son and Cheryl went and grabbed this muscle cream, put it on her shoulder, and walked out. And she came back like surprised and she’s like, “I can’t believe I just did this, I’m sorry forgive me.”

And she had put that cream on and she’s like, “isn’t this the muscle cream from our old chiropractor?” And I said, “Yes, absolutely.” The Holy Spirit had let her into my room to take that out of the room.

You know, we were in a phase in our life where we were just purging the last month, making sure that we removed things that are not of God. And she took it out of my room and she had pain in her right shoulder. So we said let’s, you know, I said, let’s pray over it. So she sat right next to me on my left-hand side, I grabbed my left hand and I felt electricity in my hand. I couldn’t explain it. This is the first time I felt actual electricity. And I put it on her right shoulder and I said, can you feel that? And she said, yes, I can feel that like that electricity. And I said, be healed right now in Jesus’ name. And instantly it wasn’t a process. Instantly her shoulder healed. That pain went away and it was almost like the Holy Spirit told her to go into my room, guided Cheryl and told her what to pick up out of my room to purge it. And in return, she got healed by the power of God.

It’s just amazing. And this, these types of things have happened almost daily. This is one of dozens upon dozens of instances where the Holy Spirit has led us and given us complete supernatural signs and works.

We’re not always looking for signs, but you know, there has been many different things that have happened that are, that’s so, so supernatural happens almost daily now.

Emmanuel: And the bible says these signs will follow those who believe. We’re not chasing after the science. We are “chasing after the kingdom.” You know, we’re looking on to Jesus Christ because He is the author and finisher of our faith. You know, we worship Him again on our knees. We worship Him and bow to Him.

I think there’s also another miracle that you talked about where Cheryl, you had a couple of ribs that are cracked. Tell us even more about that.

Cheryl: I was disobedient. Simon was doing deliverance and I was getting tired and usually, when you’re tired and vulnerable, that’s when they can kind of slither the demons and slither their way in. And I interrupted his deliverance, slap on the wrist.

I went for a family dinner at my parents’ house. I came home and everything was fine. And then we got inside the front door and I said to Simon, Oh I’m being attacked right now. So it’s not that they were attacking me because you know, I’m not freed or saved. It’s God and Jesus allowed the attack to happen because I was disobedient.

And as soon as we walked inside the door I collapsed on the ground and I could no longer move my legs. And from there, Simon, being a lovely husband as he is, came to pick me up, put me over his shoulder to carry me upstairs because I couldn’t move my legs.

And from that, I think it was the second last stair. I said, stop, stop, you’re breaking my ribs! You’re breaking my ribs! And I took acupuncture in the past. So I know anatomy very well as well as having to take anatomy through yoga training.

So when ribs break, I know what that would feel like. And then over the next few days it got worse and worse and worse to the point where I collapsed on the kitchen floor because I could feel the ribs puncturing my lungs.

Simon: She put my hand on her ribs and I can actually feel it.

Cheryl: The great separation.

Simon: It was definitely.

Cheryl: And so from what I know, I was like, I’m going to have to get metal plates put in my ribs. They’re going to have to do surgery. And right away Simon is like, we need to pray on this right now. And I was like, no, no, I need to go to the walk-in clinic, I need to go to the walk-in clinic.

He’s like, you know what, we’re going to heal this and then you’re going to go to the walk-in clinic and get an X-ray to show that they are healed.

So when Simon was praying, I could feel two ribs, in particular, crack back in place. I’m not going to lie, it was painful, very painful. And then from there, I can breathe again. And that’s when I went to the walk in clinic, the doctor confirmed, oh no, it’s just a little bit bruised. That’s it. There’s nothing there. There was a miracle and I’m so grateful. And just a constant reminder to remain obedient.

Emmanuel: That’s so amazing! Because I mean, look at situations like that, people would be like, that’s a coincidence. Either you didn’t feel it the right way or the doctor made a mistake, it’s like when you actually acknowledge God and say God, I thank you that you healed me, I thank you, that you saved me, instead of being like a person…

I heard of that joke from a pastor that says “Oh God please give me a parking space in the mall because she really wanted a parking space and right after the prayer opened her eyes and she sees the parking space there. And she’s like oh God never mind, I don’t need Your help anymore. You know, it’s like, acknowledge God. Acknowledge God that He helped you. He answered your prayer. It’s so important and so I think that’s just amazing how God is someone who loves us and transforms us because like what you’re talking about Simon, it’s at the end of the day, we want to be delivered for a reason. Tell us about that right now. What are you doing and how has God been working in your lives?

Simon: I’m just walking in faith and every day is different but there’s so many people coming up to me through different networks and referrals wanting to be free, wanting Jesus and it’s happening almost every day now. It starts in the garage, it ends up in the backyard hot tub for baptism if they really wanted.

Yesterday, I was messaging someone who wanted deliverance. He lives out of Mississauga. He’s a Christian. He believes in Jesus. As soon as we booked the deliverance for tomorrow, Friday, he started manifesting and then I prayed for him on text.

He said as soon as I prayed for him it got worse and he couldn’t even play Christian music on the way home from work. Because he said he was burning up. So we’re seeing things happening even before we’re praying for them here like prayer is strong and your, you know, that the power of God and faith is like I got healed from neuralgia from a text message from my good friend and mentor in my life bro Nathan and he actually delivered me four months ago.

Before that, I told him about my head pain and he said be healed in Jesus’ name. He sent me a text message and my body started shaking three times and then 90% of it went away. But then he came to my house and he prayed over me. The fire of the Holy Spirit came in me and then from that it was just a fire. It was like, welled up in my stomach and something was coming out.

It was the most supernatural feeling I could ever feel. It was both good and bad, good in a sense it was the fire of the Holy Spirit coming in. And also anything that I had unclean, demons, I think it was fear of man, pride, whatever I had just came off. And then after that I just had no fear of man. More than deliverance, I love evangelizing.

I’d feel something in my heart, you know, wanting to talk Christ. And that fear would come over and I’d be like “Oh forget it .” And then I’d go home feeling defeated and I’m like, why can’t I do this? Why can’t I just stand in faith and speak truth?

But when I got delivered, it’s a real little fire that is in you, the Holy Spirit. And once we surrender to Him, anything is possible. And right now, spreading the gospel is so, so important because there’s so many that I’ve lost.

Emmanuel: And that’s what I like about the testimony of you guys today. Our idea of to serve God, to preach the gospel, evangelize, It’s like, “Oh, I got to go to seminary, I got to get a piece of paper on the wall, go through certain school for three or four years so that I can be “accredited.”

But as you said in your testimony, Nathan delivered in four months! And you’re now doing this. Like, this is the biblical gospel in the Book of Acts. This is the Church of Acts.

Some people have sat in the church for four years and that was me. And all I did was just going to church every Sunday, and I go back to living my life that everybody else was doing at the same time.

Think about four months that you’ve been delivered and now you’re delivering other people. This is how it should be.

And so I want to encourage you, if you’re watching this video, if you’re hearing this. And I want to talk about this too, Simon and Cheryl like, what would you say to someone who like, they want to receive deliverance? What should I do?

And number two is how do they walk out this faith that you’re talking about to really heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the gospel, and do what God’s calling us to do. Like what would you tell him?

Simon: I would say read the bible and really read it with an open heart and humble yourself to God so that He can talk through you. And a lot of people take it so lightly and that was me too. I just went to church. I barely read the bible, it bored me too you know, it bored me so much.

Cheryl: Yeah, it used to be such a chore and now I’m addicted!

Simon: But if you want something you have to go after it. I was thinking about this verse, it’s Galatians 2:20. I’ve been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me.

When you think about that verse, it’s not us. It’s not our power. It’s not the Simon and Cheryl magic show. This is the Holy Spirit working in us. And how could we deny His power?

The real power of God is out there and it’s for now and it’s not just, you know, parts of it that we take. We have to take the gospel for what it is.

Cheryl: Also, speaking truth is very, very important. Because if you don’t speak truth and you’re lying, you’re sinning and then you’re allowing another door and then obviously we talked about this too is once you’re, once you’re delivered, definitely purge your house, purge of your old life because there’s things there that you’ll realize weren’t even, you didn’t even think that would be an open door and they are.

So, and then being part of a group for sure, fellow Christians just so you’re not, you know, you’re not alone right? And this walk..

Simon: Yeah, we should live like Jesus and people should see Jesus in us and that’s it.

Emmanuel: There are many, many who are in the church today who need deliverance. But who is going to be there to deliver them, right? If we are stuck in the same thing that they want to be delivered from. We have to be delivered ourselves. If God convicts us of something, we repent and turn to Him.

The bible says, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence towards God, so now we can have the confidence, not in our works, but because of what Jesus has done because of His blood and His name.

We can do a text message and the person can get healed. I believe everyone who’s watching here today, you have to understand, this is not like the early disciples. There’s some supernatural, special people, they are, they’re called Apostles. But Jesus says we can all do this. And whether you are one day, one month, one year or ten years in the faith, if you feel like right now you’re not at the place where you’re supposed to be, I encourage you. Today is the day to give your life back to God as we’ve seen this testimony with Cheryl and Simon, a few months in! They have been delivered a few months in and they are now delivering other people. And people getting saved again, delivered, being baptized. This is the destiny for every true child of God.

And so I just really appreciate you guys sharing your testimony today. As we wrap up, are there any final words you really want to encourage people, how can people reach out to you and how can they receive deliverance? Prayer with you as well.

Simon: Get a link and then also on Instagram. We live in Whitby, so if there’s people locally that really need the gospel and want to be free and want the truth. Then I would more than welcome them to come by because at the end of the day to be delivered is really, they need Christ. And Christ is the answer for everything.

Cheryl: It’s not even just Whitby, we will travel to you if you really want.

Simon: I mean that’s what God wants and if you’re struggling with addictions or lust or depression, anxiety, and even suicide, there’s hope and it’s our Savior, Redeemer. It’s not us. We’re just vessels and we can help do deliverance and you will see freedom. But the freedom is in the power of God and the Holy Spirit.

We can even do self, you can even do self-deliverance if you want to. Sometimes it’s hard because you need Christians to deliver. But there is true freedom in Christ and it’s not, it doesn’t have to be hard.

What is hard is that decision that the person that wants to be delivered has to make the decision and say “I’ve had enough of this. My life needs to be turned around and I’m sick of sin. I’m sick of whatever is affecting me. I want this out.”

And one day get to that point and when there will be changes. That’s when you can see true, true freedom through Christ. And we’ve seen it time after time again, it’s happening so often that people are just coming and getting freed and yeah, real, real freedom. It’s happening.

Emmanuel: Thank you so much, Simon and Cheryl. I know you guys have to go. You have deliverances you have to do and you got businesses. So busy like you’re taking the time, I appreciate you guys coming on.

Final Words

And I want to encourage you for who you are watching. What you heard today you can do because the bible says not only the apostles and the “big leaders” are the ones who can do it. We as believers, we can do that too.

Share this testimony with many people as you can, because people need to be blessed and hear that we have a God who delivers, and heals, and sets people free.

May you continue to share the gospel until Jesus comes.

God bless you!

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