"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
A Prayer That Sets You on FIRE!

I want to challenge you today to pray a prayer that is totally against the culture of today. Pray it over yourself, pray it over your family and your children, because it is so important as children of God. Let’s see if you can do it.

The prayer is what I call, the Prayer Against the American Dream, the Canadian Dream, the North American Dream, whatever you call it. It is the dream of this world.

The True Essence of Life

Many times, growing up we hear people say, “Oh go to school, get a good education, get a good job, save for retirement, get a good house, get a good car.” Now,  all these things, I’m not saying are necessarily bad. You need those things to live and to provide for your families. I understand that.

But the problem is that our society teaches us that that is the essence of life. But Jesus says that is not the essence of life. He says “Because the heathen goes after such things.”(Matthew 6:32) And so Jesus says, “Do not worry about what you eat or what you drink.” (Matthew 6:31)

He says, “If your Father in heaven will provide for the little sparrows and surely He will provide more for you if you first seek his kingdom.” (Matthew 6:26)

And this recently, I prayed this prayer to God and said, “God, I pray for all my children that they will not live for the American, North American dream. That they do not view success as having money and fame and power and recognition and education, but that they view success in knowing who they are in You, Jesus Christ.”

Because the fact is this. 10 out of 10 people will die ultimately on this earth. And when you and I die, we can’t bring our car, we can’t bring our house, we can’t bring our job, we can’t bring our status, we can’t bring our recognition or fame. None of that stuff we can bring with us. The only thing that we can bring with us on that day is what we have done for the Lord, Jesus Christ while we’re here on earth.

Whether our faith was genuine, whether we loved others, whether we obey God and his commandments. And so if the culture today is shouting at you. You’re looking at your neighbors, your friends and they’re doing all these things where they’re giving all the programs, all the things that kids have to learn, move somewhere else all to get a better education, better school so that they can get a better job, more money, more prestige, more fame, more stuff, and more entertainment.

What Our Prayer Should Be

Then I pray that your prayer, my prayer will be, we say NO, we say, God, we believe your word that says “Friendship with the world is enmity with God.” (James 4:4) We certainly don’t want to be in opposition with God today.

And so will you pray this prayer today with you and your children and say, God, use their lives for your kingdom, pray for them. That their hearts will be touched by the Father God. That they’re so transformed by the love of the Father so that they can give compassion, they can give love to the people of this world who are in need. May their mind always be filled with the things of God and the burden of the gospel of Jesus Christ make their hands flow with the divine healing touch with signs and wonders and miracles that flow through them. So they can tell the world that there is a God. That He is living and He is not dead, He can deliver us.

Will you pray that prayer for you and your children today? Because if you will not and if you will not take a stand, then the world and the culture will take a stand for you. The school will teach your kids for you if you will not teach them about the right values and the right thinking that we should have as children of God.

I pray that you and I will pass the test here on earth that God has given us to see whether we truly follow Him, truly love Him with our hearts, and truly believe in Him.

Go and share this with other people. Preach the gospel to people who need to hear because Jesus is coming soon.

God bless you!

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