"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
6 Satanic Secrets Exposed By Ex-Warlock John Ramirez

In this blog post, we will look at six secrets of the demonic, of the dark side, revealed by the ex-warlock who practiced witchcraft in the highest level by this man named John Ramirez.

His testimony, if you look it up online, is very long. But in this blog post, we’ll boil it down to six secrets that you and I can learn about the spiritual realm. These are things that Satan himself does not want John Ramirez to reveal. But after he’s got converted and started surrendering his life to Jesus Christ. Now he prepares believers to come against the things of darkness so that he can uplift the name of Jesus. You and I need to know this.

This man, John Ramirez, grew up actually in the Bronx where his relatives practice Santeria. He says, “My father’s side came from a family of witches and warlocks.” says John “And my father is very heavy into Santeria, very heavy into Spiritualism.” And so this is the background that he grew up with.

Secret #1: Sacrifice

And the first secret we can learn from his life in the spirit realm is SACRIFICE.

John Ramirez says that he remembers his father setting the living room on fire to perform some kind of a ritual. And he says that he also sold his soul to the devil in a blood-soaked ritual. He says he went to sneaking into funerals, acting like he knew the person that died because he wanted to buy the soul of the person that died. Because then he can get the soul and put it onto somebody else and that person would die the same way. And when drug dealers got killed in the streets, he would go and run out and get that blood because he can use that human blood to do witchcraft.

So many times, you hear those who practice witchcraft and need sacrifice. Now the question you and I have to ask ourselves today is, what sacrifice have you given unto God?

When the demonic, those who practice witchcraft, who worship the devil and say to himself that he gives sacrifice to the devil. What do we give unto God as sacrifices? Did we just give to Him maybe one hour or two hours every Sunday? And that’s our sacrifice. Can we even call that a sacrifice to the One who loved us and died for us and gave His very self and gave everything for us so that we can have a life with him?

Maybe this is something that we have to think about. Are we offering sacrifices that are acceptable to God? Or are we offering sacrifices that are like lame animals, blind animals, things that cost us nothing? And David says, I’m not going to do that, I’m not going to offer anything that costs me nothing to the Lord, because that kind of worship is not going to be accepted by God. (Malachi 1:8)

We’ll be looking to our lives today and say, are we offering a sacrifice that is pleasing to God?

Secret #2: Use of Money

The second secret we can see in John’s life is his USE OF MONEY.

He described that he would have tens of thousands of dollars of witchcraft, of materials, bones, skulls, certain things that he collected over the years to do witchcraft just like we see in the Book of Acts 19:19. When people got saved, they went and burned all those things that they have at least worth tens of thousands and thousands of dollars. So people don’t want them anymore because they’re dedicated to the darkness.

Today, You and I have to ask ourselves this question. What have we used our money for? Is it for Netflix? Is it for pleasure? Is it for leisure? Is it for all the things that please ourselves? Or are we using our money, not even our money, or we’re using the money that God has entrusted to us as stewards for his kingdom? Helping the orphans, helping the widows, furthering the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Are we doing those?

And I’m not saying that you can’t use some of your money to do certain things in life with your family. Of course, you can. God wants us to live in a way that we’re fully fulfilled and that we’re all provided for. But the problem is when we think that our only existence, we think that our life is just about us, God blessing us having all this money and we’re using them for ourselves, for leisure.

There must be something inside us that cries out “God, there must be something more. We want to offer You our time or money. We want to dedicate to your kingdom because those who are practicing witchcraft, can use tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to do those things. Why can we not equally do the same if not more to serve You in your kingdom and for Your glory?”

That is the question that you and I have to ask ourselves.

Secret #3: He Evangelized the Kingdom of Darkness

The third spiritual key that John Ramirez did when he was on the dark side was that he EVANGELIZED for the kingdom of darkness. John Ramirez says that he would actively recruit souls during those dark times. He would go to bars, find weak Christians and he preyed on Christians in particular.

Why? Because he says at the clubs, he would go around looking for Christians and he knew that in the club, these Christians would be in the devil’s playground and so he said he knew that you can get them to do a couple of beers, get into their system. He knew that all he had to say to that Christian was, “Hey listen, I have something to tell you today.” And right there when he was listening, being in the devil’s domain, the doors opened up and John Ramirez would start to speak darkness into these Christians’ lives because they have opened up the door for John Ramirez and given him a gateway into the dark side and demonic.

And so is it a surprise for you today when you go to church and hear a lot of christians say they feel demonized and feel certain thoughts that you don’t want to have. They have it. There are certain tragedies that happen over and over again as if some kind of spell has been put on them. And I don’t know why that’s happening.

Well, here’s the reason why. Because there’s a real devil, there’s a real enemy who’s really trying to come against the Kingdom of God. And if the believers are not aware of it, how can they even fight against an enemy that they don’t believe in or see? And if the children of darkness would evangelize for Satan, evangelize for the devil, we have to ask ourselves today: How many times have we evangelized and preached the gospel to those who are in need, set the captives free, heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the gospel because Jesus is coming soon, how many times have we done that?

And that leads us to the next secret.

Secret #4: Absolute Obedience to Darkness

John Ramirez has ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE to darkness. That was his key to power. He had obedience. John Ramirez says that he would talk with the devil face to face like you and I talking right now for hours! John says that Satan became the father that he never had. John said that he was devoted to Satan. He would light up his candles, spit the rum, spit the cigar smoke. And the cigar smoke means power. And if he did not have enough money for a rooster, for blood, he would cut himself and use his own blood and pour it in.

He says when he starts doing his sacrifice, his obedience to the things of darkness, these rituals, the whole atmosphere of the room changes, and he knew that something was there. And when there’s something there, the demonic, you’ll have to address him like a family member. And John Ramirez says, at that time, he would call the devil his father and he says,

“I’m here.”

“What would you like to speak to me about?”

“What is that you want me to do?”

He had absolute obedience to Satan, to the devil because that was his life back then.

And so the question you and I have to ask ourselves today is how much obedience do we have to the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords, the very name that one day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. How many times have we actually obeyed Him? When people who are on the dark side would give so much of themselves, their lives to obey darkness. How much time. How much effort. How much money. How much of ourselves have we given to God? So that we can obey Him, obey His commandments, obey the great commission and obey the things that God wants us to do.

Because there is a war to win. Because we have a King who has already won and we have to enforce that victory here on earth and preach the gospel and do all that He calls us to do.

Secret #5: Knowing How to Turn Natural from Spiritual

Secret number five with John Ramirez when he was on the dark side was to know how to turn natural from the spiritual. Because he says that everything that happens in the natural, that we can see actually comes from the spiritual.

So John Ramirez says, the devil told him that he had to go into a neighborhood in the spirit realm in order to weaken it in the natural. John says whatever you killed in the spirit you can kill in the natural. And so he would leave his body at home and astral project himself into these neighborhoods, different regions, different states, different countries even! He would fly into neighborhoods speaking curses into the neighborhood and speaking things that he wanted to happen in the neighborhood.

But here’s the good news. Sometimes when he was actually projecting, he would see this:

He would go to neighborhoods and he’d see a group of people in the spirit realm or in the corner praying, holding hands, and with their heads bowed praying in the spirit realm and there was no accomplishment in that neighborhood. He couldn’t break it because God was with them with the prayers of the saints. The neighborhood was sanctified, blessed through prayer. He couldn’t touch it. But in other neighborhoods, it was party time.

And that’s so important to see the reality of the spirit realm. If you want something to happen in the natural, the change, you must first do it in the spiritual. That is why you have to pray. You have to seek God. That’s why the bible tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and the things of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12)

We’re not trying to win the war here in the natural, you can’t win it. You have to win it through the spiritual. Just like Daniel, he sought the Lord and for 21 days, the devil’s trying to stop that answer from the Lord. (Daniel 10:13)

When he found out later that Daniel on the first day when he said, it’s hard to see God. God already sent the angel for an answer. (Daniel 10:12)

Sometimes you feel like you don’t have the answer. You’re trying to breakthrough. Don’t get discouraged because know that is you’re seeking God, you’re pressing in, your praying and you’re declaring life to declaim the scriptures. When you’re doing it all the inner spirit realm, know that something is going to happen in the natural the same way that John Ramirez did when he was on the dark side, know how to do it in the spirit realm.

You have to take that same attitude, if not more fierce to come against the things of darkness and go and promote the kingdom of God because He is worthy.

Secret #6: The Reality of Afterlife: Heaven and Hell

And the sixth secret that John Ramirez reveals is so shocking because he actually saw the afterlife. It’s the reality of the afterlife, heaven, and hell.

John says that one night, he decided to commit suicide. He is in such turmoil, God has been working his life trying to change him. He’s been going to church, at the same time he was also doing witchcraft. He didn’t know what to choose.

And so he said to himself, Lord Jesus, He can’t have me. And he said, the devil, can’t have me either. And so the best way out for him, he said, was suicide. He had those suicidal thoughts because he said he was feeling shame and his mind was far too gone. He felt that he couldn’t come back. He was spiritually drained.

So John says he didn’t know how to pray, but he started talking to God. He says, “God, I don’t know what they call you, Jesus, whatever they call You in church. I don’t like You.” He says, “I never liked You, I never had anything to do with You. I want no dealings with You. I hate You.” He says, “I don’t want to be part of You.  I never want to be a Christian.” He disowns Him and he says all these kinds of blasphemy. Come get away from me and he says he wants to worship the devil until the day he dies. And so lastly, he says, “If You’re bigger than the God I serve, which is the devil, then show me tonight or leave me alone.” That’s what he says.

And so that night, John went to sleep and he had a dream. He was on the subway. He says the train was filled with people he recalled and their faces were drained. They were going somewhere that he knew was not good and the train was going faster than light. And there was a lady dressed very elegantly and she started talking to John Ramirez in demonic tongues. He knew that kind of tongue.

And so these demonic lady figures are saying, “Traitor! You John Ramirez, you’re leaving us.” And so as John stepped out of the subway into the darkness, he says he went to the tunnels of hell. The heat, it wasn’t the heat that you feel on earth. He said that it grips you and the fear ropes around you. It was like this rope around you with fear.

John says, there was no hope. The hope is removed. And he says, as he got to the part of the tunnel, the devil came out bigger and stronger and he had never seen him like that. And Satan said to him, I’ve been with you when you were nine years old, he says that he’s been a father to him, he’s given him everything. And he says, I’m going to keep you here in hell because Satan says, if I can keep you down here, you won’t wake up upstairs back here on earth. And Satan keeps telling him, you belong to me, you’re not going to leave. You know too many secrets of my religion of the dark side.

And when Satan tried to grab John Ramirez, there’s this three-foot cross that appeared in his hand. He couldn’t understand how a cross would appear in his hand. He never called for the across and he put it on the devil and he felt like nothing. He felt like he was a baby. No powers, at the foot of the cross.

And so when he woke up from this dream, he was a changed man. He knew that Jesus is Lord. He bent his knee to the cross and asked Jesus to come into his life and surrender to Him. He then took a white piece of paper and he wrote down, “I am a servant, a slave of Jesus Christ. I will serve You all the days of my life.”

Isn’t that amazing?

This is the love of God. This is the grace and mercy of God. Someone who is so far gone and feeling that they can never return. And yet God, in the very death of John Ramirez’s sin, took him out from the kingdom of darkness and put him into his everlasting light, in His kingdom.

And even though after he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, there are still many trials that he had to go through if you listen to his testimony. But now he’s preparing the body of Christ, showing the secrets of the kingdom of darkness so he can prepare Christians to do warfare to come against the kingdom of darkness to uplift the name of Jesus.

Praise God for His mercy, that He can show us what actually happens in the spirit realm.

Go share with people who need to hear it.

Until next time.

Stay with Jesus and God bless you!

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