"I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20
5 CRAZY End Times News! Jesus Is COMING!

Here are FIVE news headlines regarding the signs of the times:

“Taliban going door to door searching for Christians, inspecting phones for Bible apps.”

When was the last time we have taken on the word of God and read it, while Christians around the world, not just in regions infiltrated by the Taliban? We know there are many people around the world willing to risk their lives putting a bible app on their phones today.

I have downloaded maybe five or six apps before. Now I keep one. There are so many apps you can download to use and yet Christians around the world, knowing that they can have a chance to be killed, still read the word of God.

“Why a Virginia middle school is removing urinals from the boys’ bathrooms”

It is bad enough that a middle school in London County, Virginia has decided to remove male and female signs from its bathrooms. But in an even more extreme nod to social insanity, this same school is removing the urinals from the boys! Why? It’s because a number of biological females who identify as males are offended by the presence of urinals.


The bible talks about in the end times before His coming, that good will be called evil, and evil be called good. These are the signs of the times we’re living in.

Today, you and I, May it be our prayer that we teach our children to stand up for what is good. Father, we pray for righteousness in our nation. That good will be called good, and bad will be called bad. That people will come to the knowledge of You, in Jesus’ name.

We don’t agree with the news. We don’t agree with what’s happening around the world today. We pray for grace for those people who have been caught by the lies of the evil one like this. In Jesus’ name.

“60% of adults under 40 says Jesus isn’t only way to salvation; equal to Buddha, Mohammed.”

There’s a striking decline in evangelical religious beliefs and practices over the last 10 years, as the number of self-proclaimed believers to hold these beliefs has increased by nearly 25%.


These false beliefs that Jesus is not the only way to the heavenly Father. The devil surely is cunning. Because without Jesus, no one can go to the Father.

Especially in North America, we live in a pluralistic society. Anybody can go to heaven. It doesn’t matter who is the real way.

But Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” So God, right now we agree with your word. Jesus, you are the only way to heaven. In Jesus’ name. We declare that our neighborhood, that our nation, that those people who are around this and have given us the sphere of influence, they will come to the knowledge of You, Jesus Christ, through the one and only true God. We declare that and we pray, in Jesus’ name.

“Chinese authorities paying citizens to spy on neighbors, report ‘illegal’ Christian activities”

China’s communist regime has ordered citizens in the country’s North Eastern region to spy on Christians, and report any illegal religious activities including preaching and religious house gatherings. Informants will be awarded $150 for each tip.


Jesus says, at the end of times, families will turn against one another. People will betray one another because of one thing, their faith in Jesus Christ.

Those who uphold the belief and faith of Jesus Christ, the only Messiah, only Savior, are the ones who are going to be persecuted. And yet Jesus comforts us by saying, “You will have tribulation on the earth, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.”

Father, we pray for all the Christians who are suffering persecution today. May You strengthen their hearts, help them, relieve them of physical pain, and most importantly strengthen their faith that they continue to follow you until the very end.

For those of us who are in North America and in regions or countries that are free to worship you, use our lives, resources, money, time, or talents. Use us to reach out to the world that is lost.

We look forward for your coming, Jesus. May your name be glorified!

“Over 22 dead including twin babies after flooding in Tennessee, dozens missing.”

About two dozen people were killed including two babies who were swept from their father’s arms, and dozens of others were missing as of Sunday afternoon.


We look at news like this, and I’m talking from personal experience, sometimes it happens so often it’s like, oh it’s just another news. And we just put it off as it was like another number.

But these are people with real lives, and real families.

God, we pray that as we see news like these, that our hearts would go out to the families and people who were affected. We know that this is what Jesus said. These are the signs of the end times. That there’ll be earthquakes, famines, and natural disasters. And so flood will be part of these.

May our hearts never grow dull to have compassion and empathy for those who are suffering.

Father, I pray in Jesus’ name, that You would come for those families. That they will not turn against you in situations like this. May they come to know of Your great love and help, and use us in any way to help them, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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