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Born in Hong Kong, Emmanuel immigrated to Toronto, Canada with his family at the age of ten. Although he grew up in a Christian family, he lived a worldly and lukewarm life throughout his high school and freshman year of University. However, God began to transform his life in his second year of University at the campus fellowship. This later also led to his water baptism in July 2005. Throughout the years, God has continued to place a passion and calling on Emmanuel’s heart for those who have not heard of the good news of Jesus Christ.

On September 29, 2008, in an intense session of seeking and praying, Emmanuel received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in his room with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues. Feeling thankful and blessed, he’s continued to pray in the power and language of the Holy Spirit in tongues today with much spiritual transformation and fruit as a result. His life has not been the same ever since, as the Holy Spirit continues to transform him to pursue a life of holiness, love, and commitment to the gospel, as well as in operating in the power of God in miracles, healings and deliverances.

Emmanuel received his Bachelor of Arts with Honours in 2006 and Masters of Theological Studies from Tyndale Seminary in 2009. Nevertheless, Emmanuel maintains that the most effective knowledge and training he’s learned for ministry has been from walking intimately with the Holy Spirit, personally reading scripture, cultivating a genuine prayer life, and learning from the lives of many Generals of the Faith (John Wesley, George Muller, Charles Finney, David Wilkerson, Leonard Ravenhill, Smith Wigglesworth, A.A Allen, Lester Sumrall, William Booth, and etc.)

While Emmanuel has been on various mission trips, the one trip that revolutionized his life was a ten-day trip to Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico in August 2009. As he traveled with his team of four, preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, ministering to the poor and praying for the sick, God did a mighty work there as many people were miraculously healed, delivered from demonic oppression and heard the gospel for the first time. Emmanuel has since also traveled to Philippines (Manila), India (Andhra Pradesh) and Kenya (Eldoret) in ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today, Emmanuel ministers the word of God mainly through online broadcasts and media. He also travels to wherever in the world the Holy Spirit opens doors and leads him to minister the gospel. His heart is to see millions of people experience the love of God, repent from their sins and trust in Jesus Christ so that they can live a new life by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is also his heart’s desire to see the body of Christ rise up to maturity so that together they can finish the Great Commission and destroy the works of darkness. This will be to bring glory to King Jesus, who will soon return to receive His bride, the one who has made herself ready in holiness by faith and obeying His commands in love.


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